Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and chief operating officer of The Sandbox, and president of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance

Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and chief operating officer of The Sandbox, and president of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance

Sebastien Borget identifies himself as a father and entrepreneur with 11 years of expertise in mobile games and 14 years of experience creating startups. He is a fervent supporter of nonfungible tokens in gaming and is also passionate about blockchain technology and education.

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He is a co-founder and the COO of The Sandbox, a decentralized virtual environment for gaming that makes use of NFTs. Additionally, he serves as the chief operating officer of Pixowl, which Animoca Brands now owns and developed the video game The Sandbox. Using NFTs and SAND, the primary utility currency of the platform, players are able to create, control, and sell their gaming experiences in this blockchain-driven metaverse. Along with promotional partners and LAND owners like Snoop Dogg, Richie Hawtin, and The Smurfs, users of The Sandbox have the option to purchase LAND as a type of virtual real estate. His efforts were acknowledged in the public eye when The Sandbox was nominated for two years in a row on Apple’s list of the top games available on the App Store in 2012 and 2013.

Additionally, Borget serves as the head of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), a non-profit group with over 200 influential members that works to advance blockchain technology in the gaming sector.

Borget claims to have a basic comprehension of Chinese and Spanish in addition to his native language of French, English, and German.


According to Sebastien Borget, although consumers in the United States may believe that the metaverse is “dead,” the sector is really flourishing throughout Asia. He estimates that within the past year, some Asian nations have accounted for about 50% of Sandbox’s sales.

In the meanwhile, Borget said that he would shortly be announcing the live debut of Lion City at Token 2049 in Singapore. This is a new city in the Sandbox metaverse consisting of 512 virtual land plots that intends to highlight Singapore’s culture through collaboration with several international businesses. Additionally, he explained that The Sandbox had recently concluded a significant virtual land sale in Turkey, where he described the metaverse as having a “big ecosystem.”


With each subsequent testing phase, Borget is anticipated to continue advancing The Sandbox metaverse. As more people learn what the open Metaverse could entail in terms of culture, NFTs, and entertainment, demand for digital land purchases is expected to stay high.

There is a good chance that new play-to-earn games and live experiences will be created after a $93 million Series B fundraising round headed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 in November 2021, and that new agreements with well-known brands will be launched in 2022. As a frequent speaker at conferences and events both domestically and abroad, Borget will undoubtedly participate in more panels and lectures about the blockchain sector in the future. Since The Sandbox is still in beta, developers and users of the game can perhaps look forward to a timeframe for the metaverse’s formal launch to happen very soon.

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