Kris Marszalek, CEO of

Kris Marszalek, CEO of

Polish businessman Kris Marszalek serves as the CEO of the Singapore-based payments and cryptocurrency platform.
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Crypto fans may recall the Monaco cryptocurrency payment company. It was one of the first blockchain-based debit cards to provide consumers control over their money and data when it was established in 2016. In order to promote and hasten the global shift toward cryptocurrencies, Monaco changed its name to in 2018.

Marszalek developed the e-commerce company Beecrazy and the Hong Kong-based mobile application Yiyi before he entered the cryptocurrency space. When iBuy Group bought Beecrazy, which eventually changed its name to Ensogo, he kept his position as the company’s COO.

In 2020, Marszalek was able to secure licenses for its cryptocurrency-backed debit cards to operate in a number of nations, including crucial markets like Canada and Australia, and began to garner widespread notice.

DeFi Swap, a decentralized exchange, was introduced as part of’s expansion into the decentralized financial sector. By the year 2020, had 5 million users worldwide.

In 2022


Marszalek will probably keep up his productive work with in 2022 as the company continues to land multimillion-dollar partnerships all across the world.

A deal to purchase two exchanges in the first half of the year was recently disclosed by the organization. The North American Derivatives Exchange, also known as Nadex, and a futures platform for retail consumers known as Small Exchange are the two exchanges.

The market capitalization of Nadex, which is a subsidiary of the financial services firm IG Group, is $4.3 billion.

With Small Exchange, Marszalek is pursuing his vision of providing the retail market with a platform that frees it from the financial constraints imposed by conventional finance and equips everyone with the means to be financially independent and self-sovereign.

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