NFT project Chain Runners releases interoperable avatars for the Metaverse

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NFT project Chain Runners has announced the release of interoperable avatars for the Metaverse. 

Chain Runners is a collection of 10,000 profile-picture style NFTs with different traits. 3D versions of Runners were produced in partnership with Customuse 3D, which provides the easiest way to create and sell designs in popular games and on social media. 

Starting from August 26, Chain Runner holders can use the NFTs inside Nifty Island, social space Limb0, the XR studio, and more. 

The new extended reality studio lets users view full-body 3D Runners in movement. Individuals can animate the characters, bring them into a pose, and snap high-resolution pictures. Additionally, there is an option to use motion data from one’s webcam or phone to animate the avatar’s face.

The collection is released under the Creative Commons license, meaning that NFT holders have the right to use the 3D artworks for commercial scopes. Users can bring NFTs into Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine, and even Figma. 

Chain Runners’ developers have also partnered with Hologram Labs to bring the characters to various spaces. For instance, holders can use Runners as motion-tracked avatars for video calls and virtual spaces. 

On a side note, in July, Hologram raised $6.5 million in a seed funding round led by Polychain. The company is using the funds to build the self-expression engine for the open Metaverse. Which, from Chain Runners’ point of view, is a collective web of digital spaces linked by interoperable assets. 

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Valeria is a writer and creator, passionate about Web3, marketing, and fashion. She dedicates her spare time to photography and art direction and has recently minted an NFT collection.

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