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Cryptocurrencies continue regaining their original prices.

Bitcoin is up by 2.75% and is now trading at $21,067.86. Last week’s drop in price has affected long-term holders, according to Glassnode, who began selling out their holdings “at an accelerating rate,” with the long-term holder supply declining by 178k BTC, approximately 1.31% of all LTH supply.

Source: Glassnode.

Glassnode noted that the bitcoin price plummeting down affected more than just the holders. It writes, “The Bitcoin market has reeled from a massive deleveraging event this week, both in on-chain DeFi markets and off-chain as exchanges, lenders and hedge funds being rendered insolvent, illiquid or liquidated. The market sold off below 2017 $20k ATH on 18-June, reaching a truly remarkable low of $17,708. Prices did, however, recover the $20k level on Sunday.”

Ethereum’s ether has also continued regaining its price, now up by 1.50% and trading at $1,144.61. Binance’s BNB is up by 3.57%, Cardano’s ADA up by 0.73%, and XRP up by1.43%. Solana SOL has regained another 5.14% while Dogecoin DOGE is up by 7.61%. Celsius token has seen a spike of 52.48% over the last 24 hours, while Compound, Waves, and Shiba Inu have seen slightly more moderate growth of 25.80%, 23,43, and 23.43%, respectively.

Metaverse cryptocurrencies are also in the green. Decentraland’s MANA is up by 52.48% and Flow by 4.69%. ApeCoin, Theta Network, and Tezos have also experienced a price increase of 3.87%, 4.40%, and 2.96%, respectively. Meanwhile, CEEK VR is up by 24.68%, SwftCoin by 15.52%, and Stacks by 12.73%.

Metaverse Index MVI is up by 3.78% and is now trading at $38.68.

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