Metaverse Expert: Season One

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The Metaverse Post invites you to prove that you’re a Metaverse Expert!

For a month, beginning May 24, 2022, we’ll be publishing Metaverse-related questions in our Discord server. We’ll cover NFTs, Play-to-Earn, and many other Metaverse-related topics. Participation is simple: Collect points for correct answers and the highest scores will win some amazing prices.

Important: To be eligible to participate in the tournament, you must join the Mpost Discord server and get @Expert role. Users can join ongoing season anytime.


We’ll ask questions in the following three categories:

— General predictions

Each Tuesday, users will have 24 hours to make a series of predictions about the Metaverse, NFTs, or gaming market in special channel in Discord. We’ll post 4 to 7 prediction opportunities each Tuesday, starting May 24th.

😎 Successful predictions are worth 10 points. 

— Flash predictions

Randomly, at any time, chances to make flash predictions will pop up in Discord with a Twitter notification. Voting will be open for anywhere from 4 to 24 hours — depending on the questions.

😎 Each successful flash prediction is worth 3 points.

— Sponsored predictions

Projects or individuals will be able to sponsor prediction challenges, for which the sponsor will offer a dedicated pool of prizes.


May 24 — June 24. There will be no prediction challenges posted after the 24th of June,


🥇 $2,000 + Metaverse Post NFT
🥈 $1,000 + Metaverse Post NFT
🥉 3 – 20:  Metaverse Post NFT
🏅 21 – 71: Whitelist

We’ve allocated a total of $3000, 20 NFTs and 50 Whitelists for the first season!

But… Metaverse Post NFT?!? 🤯
Yes, you got that right! 

Over the course of the next month, we’ll reveal the total supply, mint, and future utility of our NFTs.

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