Metaverse development company PANGU announces upcoming NFT drop

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Asia-based Metaverse development company PANGU by Kenal has announced their upcoming NFT project titled “PANGU ECOLAND.” The NFT is set to drop on June 14th. People can browse 30 digital assets from the “PANGU ECOLAND” experience on The Sandbox. The company is also the official metaverse development agency for “The Sandbox.” 

NFT drop giveaway promotes PANGU ECOLAND NFT

In a tweet, the company unveiled a free, promotional NFT giveaway campaign to spread the word about the company and the drop of PANGU ECOLAND. According to the tweet, the first Utility NFT will drop on June 14th at 23:00 HKT in collaboration with The Sandbox. 

PANGU ECOLAND NFT is about environmental conservation

The company’s beliefs in environmental sustainability and promoting environmental awareness-themed eco-land within The Sandbox Metaverse are reflected in today’s announcement.

What is environmental sustainability?

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Ultimately it comes down to using resources wisely and living within our means. Tips on making a difference include:

Reducing consumption

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Saving water

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Drive less

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Buy local

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Reduce, reuse, and repair

One of the best ways to reduce environmental impact is to use less stuff. Try to reuse items instead of throwing them away and repair things instead of buying new ones.

Be aware of your impact

Be aware of your impact on the environment. As the internet evolves into Web3, it requires more and more power. We’ve already seen New York State take action targeting cryptocurrency mining energy consumption. Taking time to learn about the issues and what can help might make a difference.

PANGU ECOLAND and natural habitats

According to a previous tweet, the PANGU ECOLAND NFT designs will be in keeping with the natural, tropical habitats. PANGU will also be unveiling new NFTs and expanding the experience in the coming future for NFT collectors to look forward to.

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