Johnny Depp NFT sees a price surge after court verdict

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A specialized Johnny Depp NFT collection saw a massive and unprecedented surge in price after the final verdict in the defamation case filed against his ex-wife Amber Heard was found in his favor. 

Johnny Depp’s NFT Ethereum-based collection titled “Never Fear Truth” witnessed a serious surge in interest, popularity, and price after the trial concluded. Currently, the NFT collection has a net trading volume of 1,500 ETH ($352,000). 

After 6 weeks of examination and deliberation, the jury announced its verdict that awarded $5 Million and $10 million to Depp in punitive and compensatory damages respectively. Shortly after the final verdict, the Pirates of The Caribbean star’s NFT collection skyrocketed in sales and value. 

What will the “Never Fear Truth” NFT give you? 

Owners of Johnny Depp’s “Never Fear Truth” NFT will be granted access to Depp’s discord community. The community is built around the vision of being a safe platform for creative and innovative thinking. Fans, friends, and family from all around the globe can come together to collaborate on creative projects. 

By being a member of this exclusive community, one can experience this intimate environment and internet space. Here, Johnny Depp will express his creative ideas, encourage the members to express their visions, and provide the members with exclusive access to his experiences, works, current projects, and future projects. These projects transcend a variety of genres including music, art, and films. 

This discord community will initially be open for all with a limit on maximum capacity, and once all the NFT collections are sold out, only authentic owners of the NFT collection will be granted access. 

“Never Fear Truth” sales soar following the Verdict

Based on the data acquired by OpenSea, the actor’s NFT collection has had 212 sales since the verdict with the average price of each NFT collection being 0.8 ETH. According to an analysis conducted by Coinquora, there was an abysmally low number of transactions of Johnny Depp’s NFT prior to the trial. With 11,111 generative art NFTs, the collection launched at a starting price of 0.70 ETH. 

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