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What is Substrate?

Substrate is a blockchain framework, more precisely a platform for creating customized blockchains. These blockchains may run completely autonomously, which means they do not require any other technology to function.

Understanding Substrate

The Polkadot network, on the other hand, was constructed by Parity, the startup behind Substrate (cofounded by Ethereum cofounder Gavin Wood). Polkadot is a decentralized, protocol-based blockchain platform that allows for secure cross-blockchain communication.

Polkadot can thus be used as a form of bridge across blockchains, handling the communication layer between chains and allowing multiple blockchains to connect (even systems such as Ethereum and Bitcoin). This signifies substantial progress toward realizing Web3’s vision of a decentralized, blockchain-based internet.

Substrate provides first-class support for integrating with Polkadot because they were developed by the same individuals, therefore any blockchain you create with Substrate may be smoothly linked into Polkadot.

Substrate also offers forkless runtime updates, which allow you to upgrade the blockchain’s state transition mechanism without causing a hard fork.

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