Adoption Curve

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Adoption Curve

What is Adoption Curve?

One of the most important ideas utilized by those attempting to position/market a new technology or product is the Adoption Curve (or Technology Diffusion Process). Its principle is straightforward.

Understanding Adoption Curve

To be effective in achieving widespread acceptance, a corporation must first aim to attract “innovators” and “early adopters” who are interested in the technical specifications and the novelty that it may give. These early adopters and inventors are comparable to the crowds that gather outside an Apple shop when a new technology is released. This “early market” serves to validate the technology and generates a user base from whom to collect feedback, establish testimonials, and seek out additional product testing.T

his technology curve, on the other hand, has an extremely steep and profound chasm between early adopters and the big “early majority.” This early majority is slower to make purchase decisions, and the information they seek is quite different from that which motivates the early market to buy. Selling to this early majority presents a big hurdle for many technology companies as they try to pivot and reposition in order to win the majority.

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