Gaming Studio Illuvium Launches “Beyond,” an Interactive Collectible Card-Powered Game

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Illuvium launches “Illuvium: Beyond,” an adventure collectible cards game

The game features a selection of hand-drawn NFT traits

Holders of the rarest characters can unlock additional utilities for the Illuvium universe.

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Decentralized gaming studio Illuvium announces the launch of “Illuvium: Beyond.” 

The studio is noted for building the first-ever Interoperable Blockchain Game universe called Illuvium. The original game, based on the Ethereum blockchain, includes an industrial city builder, an autobattler, and an open-world exploration game.  

Its spin-off, “Illuvium: Beyond,” is an adventure-themed customizable collectible card game based on the ImmutableX platform. On a side note, ImmutableX also hosts such games as Planet Quest, Guild of Guardians, and Gods Unchained. 

“Illuvium: Beyond,” available starting today, features a selection of hand-drawn traits: accessories, expressions, avatars, and backgrounds. The variety of collectible attributes allows players to customize their characters endlessly. In fact, collecting rare traits is one of the scopes of the game. Holders of the most unique “Illuvitars” NFTs have a chance to become among the first on the leaderboard, thus unlocking additional in-game utilities. 

Gaming Studio Illuvium Launches “Beyond,” an Interactive Collectible Card-Powered Game

Notably, the proceeds from the new game’s sales will be used to drive the future development of Illuvium. The gaming studio aims to become stronger despite the current crypto winter, so the funds will be directed to a $15 million “Safety Pool,” which will be used by the company in case of uncertain macroeconomic conditions. When analyzing fundraising reports, we can note that the amount of money invested in blockchain games decreased from $466 million in August 2022 to $97 million in February of this year. 

“In the world of web3 gaming, the power belongs to the players. The Illuvium DAO’s groundbreaking initiative to use revenue generated from digital collectibles to fund game development is a testament to the transformative potential of this technology. By investing in their future, players become more than just fans — they become stakeholders in the game’s success,”

said the co-founder of Illuvium, Kieran Warwick.

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