Crypto whale “Scarlet Witch” purchases $600 million worth of tokens

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Crypto whale "Scarlet Witch" purchases $600 million worth of tokens

Crypto whale “Scarlet Witch” purchases $600 million worth of tokens

A crypto whale capitalized on the drop in market prices by purchasing nearly $600 million worth of crypto tokens.

According to the official tweet from WhaleStats, a Binance coin (BNB) whale named “Scarlet Witch” bought about the equivalent of $242.5 million in Avalanche (AVAX) tokens through a single transaction. The net transaction of 10 million AVAX tokens was the record largest transaction in the past 24 hours. Avalanche tokens went down in their market price by 5% and this spurred a series of transactions of AVAX tokens among the largest BNB and BSC whales.

BNB whale adds 200 Million Matic tokens to its wallet

The “Scarlet Witch” crypto whale also amassed a huge number of Polygon (Matic) tokens in its wallet. Following the AVAX transaction, the BNB whale bought approximately $128.3 million worth of Matic tokens as the next step of its buying spree. At an average market price of $0.64, the transaction consisted of nearly 200 million Matic tokens. 

“Scarlet Witch” goes on a buying spree

The buying spree did not end there for the Scarlet Witch whale, as it went on to also purchase a lofty 2.8 billion TRON (TRX) tokens worth approximately $226.2 million.

The whale continued to make hefty transactions in quick succession by adding 400 million DOGE coins worth $31.6 million in USD to the whale’s wallet. It also accumulated $2.7 million worth of WINkLink (WIN) tokens in its wallet. The transaction was the equivalent of 18 billion WIN tokens.

According to WhaleStats, these transactions by large whales have caused AVAX, DOGE, MATIC, and TRX to find a place in the top 10 most traded tokens.   

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