HyperLoot Public Sale Starts Today

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An NFT project HyperLoot announced Public sale that starts on April 4th at 11AM ET. The sale is open for Loot, Genesis Adventurers and mLoot holders. 

HyperLoot is a collection built on top of the famous Loot NFTs created by Dom Hoffman. 

The Non-fungible tokens were published in September 2021, featuring 7.779 items of words and word combinations in white on black background. As many NFT collections, Loot lists a variety of traits, grouped as Chest, Foot, Hand, Head, Neck, Ring, Waist and Weapon. Each of these groups catalogues 100 different traits, for example: ‘Hard Leather Armor of Enlightenment’ Chest, or ‘Platinum Ring of Reflection’. 

When the Loot project went live, the community took it as a game-changer. Even though the NFTs were only text, the users could build whatever they wanted to on top of Loot.

With HyperLoot the text-based items from Loot, mLoot and Genesis adventurer bags turn into real items. The creators of the project explain Loot as a ‘lego block’, the foundation that anyone can build on top of; whilst HyperLoot is a layer-2 of this building block. 

HyperLoot launches as CC0 (Creative Commons license) and will be free to build on and use in creative ways. The goal of the project is to build a decentralised media company with a bottom-up approach, thanks to CC0, open source and community-crafted universe. 

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