ArtStation users are outraged that AI-generated content has not been removed

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ArtStation AI Content Crisis: Outrage And Repercussions

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In recent months, there has been a growing movement among digital artists to demand that ArtStation remove AI-generated content from its website. Artists have raised a number of concerns, including the claim that such content devalues the work of human creators.

ArtStation is a website that allows artists to showcase their work and receive feedback from the community. It is a popular destination for digital artists, as it offers high-quality images and a variety of features. However, the inclusion of AI-generated content has been a controversial issue.

Some artists believe that AI-generated content takes away from the work of human creators and makes it more difficult for employers to find talent on the platform. They argue that the images produced by AI are often of poor quality and do not reflect the skill of human artists. Additionally, they claim that AI-generated content can be used to unfairly inflate the number of views and likes on a particular piece of art, creating a false sense of popularity.

First and foremost, ArtStation is an expert venue for entertainment artists to present their work. I don’t believe that simply filtering and tagging these entries is sufficient. They should be completely removed from the website.

storyboard and concept artist Jesse Lam

ArtStation has not yet issued a statement in response to the demands of the artists. However, the website has removed some AI-generated content in the past, such as images that were created using neural style transfer. It is unclear whether ArtStation will continue to remove AI-generated content in the future or if they will cave to the demands of the artists.

Users of ArtStation are outraged that AI-generated content has not been removed

A no-AI symbol was posted by thousands of digital artists from all backgrounds, who demanded the removal of AI content from the ArtStation website.

AI-generated artwork has no place on a website created to house a collection of works by human artists. Clear regulations and guidelines must be put in place by ArtStation for AI-generated artwork. Theft is dealt with through technology, plain and simple. Artists are exempt from having to compete with the automated shite that their labor has produced. Protect the artists who contribute to the success of your website.

according to senior concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment Andrew Menjivar

The uprising of humans against AI continues…

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