Apple Restricts Employees From Using ChatGPT

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Tech giant Apple reportedly restricts employees’ use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, as well as GitHub’s AI tool Copilot.

The company has privacy concerns regarding ChatGPT and Copilot, owned by Microsoft.

Apple is developing its own AI-powered tool.

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Apple Restricts Employees From Using ChatGPT

Tech giant Apple reportedly restricts employees’ use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. 

The news was shared by the correspondents of The Wall Street Journal, who had a chance to review the company’s internal document. According to the document, Apple believes that by using AI tools, employees expose confidential information. In addition, The Wall Street Journal shared that workers are also restricted from using GitHub’s AI tool Copilot. The program, owned by Apple’s rival Microsoft, enables users to automatically write software code. 

It’s worth noting that earlier this month, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, shared that Apple is developing its artificial intelligence technology. So, the company’s employees will soon be able to use Apple’s internal AI bot to optimize their workflow. 

Apple is not the only company to have privacy concerns regarding ChatGPT. On May 2, Samsung banned its employees from using the chatbot and similar AI-powered tools. The requirement followed an incident of one of the staff members, who copied source code from a malfunctioning semiconductor database and used ChatGPT to assist in identifying a solution. 

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI. It is backed by tech giant Microsoft, which invested $10 billion in the company. In the past few months, the bot’s developer has been criticized for privacy violations. Italy even banned the chatbot due to a data breach and the violation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations. On April 28, ChatGPT started functioning in Italy again. 

On May 18, OpenAI announced the launch of ChatGPT for iOS. At the moment, the application is available for United States-based users only. The program will go live in more countries “in the coming weeks.” The chatbot will reportedly soon be available for Android as well. 

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