Web3 Gaming DAO Game7 Launches Gamified Community Management Protocol Summon

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Summon is a community engagement protocol that allows DAOs to grant status, access, influence and power to those who make contributions to the ecosystem.

The protocol assigns a soulbound NFT to each member and the NFT evolves as the member contributes.

It runs on a meritocratic governance model that distributes power and governing rights to the most productive members of the ecosystem.

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Web3 Gaming DAO Game7

Today at EthDenver, web3 gaming DAO Game7 has announced the launch of Summon, a new community management and governance platform. 

Summon allows DAOs to measure the contributions of their members by assigning a soulbound NFT to each member, which evolves as the member contributes, making each soulbound token upgradeable. It automates the measurement of contribution, recognition, and reward to allow for self-moderation. 

The platform aims to solve the free rider problem that web3 communities face: early community members get allocated or buy up governance tokens at a lower price without offering any long-term contributions. Later entrants may contribute more effectively but may not have enough tokens to influence governance.

To address this issue, Summon progressively grants status, access, influence, and power to those who contribute to the ecosystem. XP, or experience points, are awarded to users as they complete quests and tasks, and their rank within the community automatically increases, allowing them to unlock additional features and rewards in real time. 

The plug-and-play product enables any DAO or distributed community to integrate it with their existing community management tool stack. For instance, communities with active members on Discord, Charmverse, Twitter, and Reddit could register a Summon admin tenant, easily create quests in a no-code manner and provide members with rewards, status, access, or a variety of other benefits based on the completion of those quests.

The more contributions a user makes, the more XP they collect, increasing their rank and influence in the DAO, leading to a meritocratic governance model that distributes power and governing rights to the most productive members of the ecosystem.

“The meritocratic governance model aligns with the values and goals of Game7, and what we believe are the values and goals of Web3: to give power to the individual and create meaningful impact by coordinating a decentralized community. Web3 is an experimental test bed and many communities have launched a token hoping that through this simple mechanic a community would align and succeed, but the underlying requisite for this success has always been effort and engagement,”

Jon Allen, Game7 Core Contributor and Summon Head of Partnerships told Metaverse Post.

The platform will initially be rolled out for the next few months within the Game7 DAO, which incubated the product, with plans to expand to other Web3 communities in the near future.

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