The Sims creator Will Wright is developing a metaverse game Voxverse

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The Sims creator Will Wright is creating a metaverse game Voxverse.

The blockchain-based game share several similarities with The Sims.

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Game designer Will Wright, known for creating “The Sims,” is coming back after a decade-long break to create a blockchain-powered metaverse game, VoxVerse. It’s a social game where users can interact with each other, own real estate, and build attractions inside the virtual world with their voxel characters—NFTs.

The game is designed by Gallium Games, a blockchain gaming-focused studio founded by Wright and Lauren Elliott, the co-creator of the “Carmen Sandiego” game. However, the game production takes place at Unity. The crypto game company Gala Games invested $25 million in VoxVerse.

The reason for Wright’s entrance into the Web3 space is “to have secure transactions for content creators.” He remembers early Sims when “the creators who created the content participated in maybe 1% or 2% of the economic returns.”

VoxVerse aims to attract three types of players: a small group of wealthy virtual land owners who acquire digital land with crypto; a middle group of players who create for land owners and share profits from their creations; and the largest group of free-to-play users who will socialize, play and participate in the metaverse.

Similarly, as in the Sims, VoxVerse will integrate character needs, fame, and trust systems. The game will have different environments: mountains, ocean, desert, and jungle. There will be one major city and several themed districts, all constructed by players. The game will also allow players to have jobs and open businesses.

It’s unclear how much NFTs will be incorporated into the game, but Wright said he doesn’t want to be in the business of selling NFTs.

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