Samsung in The Metaverse

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Tech giant Samsung announced the launch of a Metaverse game, the ‘Galaxy S22 Treasure Hunt’. The campaign is aimed to allow users to win a Galaxy S22 Samsung smartphone. 

The game is hosted on the My House platform, which was developed by Naver Z’s Zepeto and Samsung, especially for the Metaverse game. The rules are similar – whenever the players find a box, they win an item. Once collected eight boxes, the user wins a Galaxy S22 smartphone. More than that, the players also have a chance to win limited Metaverse fashion pieces and other items.

Galaxy S22 will appear on the map of the game every 15 minutes for a limited amount of time. The players can enjoy the Metaverse not only for ‘hunting’, but also design their own houses, play a variety of games and interact with other users. 

By expanding its marketing strategy to the Metaverse, Samsung is looking forward to attract young customers to its products. In addition, the managers of the Korean corporation state that user-generated content events would be a great way to involve potential Gen Z customers in the game. 

Users can participate from April 8th to 24th. 

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