RTFKT explains how non-US holders can order Cryptokicks IRL

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RTFKT introduces the Interdimensional HUB for non-US individuals wishing to order Cryptokicks IRL

Holders would still need to find U.S. shipping addresses to receive the physical sneakers

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Nike subsidiary RTFKT continues introducing updates regarding the Cryptokicks IRL drop. 

The company announced the release of the “first true Web3 sneakers” on December 4. Following this, RTFKT shared that only U.S.-based holders will be able to order the physical kicks. The company explained that it is only possible to ship on the territory of the United States due to advanced tech and product regulations. However, the explanation did not seem reasonable enough to the NFT community, and the floor price of Clone X NFTs fell to 5.9 ETH. 

The studio, which seemingly cares about its community, acted straightaway. On December 6, RTFKT shared a tweet thread explaining how non-U.S. holders can receive Cryptokicks. 

During the forging event, the company will pilot a special service, dubbed the RTFKT Interdimensional HUB. Individuals that do not possess U.S. addresses will have the option to mint “Hubbed Cryptokicks IRL” tokens and trade them on secondary marketplaces. Hubbed NFT owners will also have the possibility to redeem their NFTs through May 1, 2023. The only problem is that they would still need U.S. shipping addresses. 

RTFKT also recognized the lack of an elevated minting experience for the project. To rectify this, the studio will airdrop holders with MNLTH X tokens. 

Additionally, the studio emphasized the difference between Cryptokicks IRL and Cryptokicks Dunk Genesis. The latter is a digital sneaker collection released in April of this year. It includes 200,000 trainers that enable holders to dress their avatars, unlock challenges, and more. RTFKT also shared that they have separate plans for the Cryptokicks Dunk Genesis, so holders might expect exciting news coming up. The floor price of the Genesis Dunks is currently 0,33 ETH (approximately $404 at the time of writing). 


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