RTFKT community disappointed with the Cryptokicks US-only release

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RTFKT announces the release of Cryptokicks

The company will only ship the IRL sneakers to U.S.-based holders

The community is unhappy and the Clone X NFT collection’s floor price falls to 5.9 ETH

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Yesterday RTFKT, the creator-led studio that became a Nike subsidiary in December 2021, announced the release of Cryptokicks. However, there’s a catch—only U.S.-based folks can actually make the purchase.

Cryptokicks are Nike and RTFKT’s futuristic physical shoes. The companies call them the first “true” web3 sneakers, as the items feature incrusted WM chips that allow holders to receive access to linked authenticated Artefact NFTs. 

The IRL kicks also have various futuristic features: customizable lighting, gesture control, auto-lacing, haptic feedback, walk detection, and app connectivity. Owners can even charge Cryptokicks in a wireless mode using the RTFKT Powerdeck.

Cryptokicks IRL “BLACKOUT” is the least expensive model from the collection, with a price tag of 0.34 ETH for Lace Engine Holders and 0.44 ETH for the general public. The futuristic-styled neon-and-black Cryptokicks IRL “SPACE MATTER” is the most pricey model, going for 0.76 ETH for the community and 1.02 ETH for the general public. Individuals wishing to purchase one of the pairs can draw public registrations through December 9. Private mint starts on December 12, while the public mint goes live on December 14. 

Despite the impressiveness of the product, the community is unhappy with RTFKT. After the official announcement release, RTFKT shared that only U.S.-based holders can receive the sneakers. 

Following the announcement, the floor price of Clone X NFTs decreased from 7.3 ETH (approximately $9,125 at the time of writing) on December 5 to 5.9 ETH (approximately $7,375 at the time of writing) on December 6. 

Will the company change its politics and try to ship Cryptokicks worldwide in order to save its community? Time will show. 


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