Pop Artist Burton Morris Partners with Banquet Labs to Explore the Next Wave of Art in the Metaverse

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Pop Artist Burton Morris Partners with Banquet Labs to Explore the Next Wave of Art in the Metaverse

How were you introduced?

Burton: A couple of months ago my good friend Jerry Eitel (Chief Metaverse Officer at Prager Metis) introduced me to Matt Bond from Banquet Labs. We hit it off immediately and have become friends and Web3 collaborators ever since.

Burton, what inspired you to want to enter the Metaverse?

Burton: Once I learned about the metaverse, there were so many things that excited me about it. An outlet for new opportunities, a place to meet new people, a platform to create new artwork unlike anything I’d done previously, and a chance to participate in building the next wave of art and culture.

Can you both tell us more about the inspiration for the project?

Burton: Our inspiration was derived from taking my “popular icons” artwork that I’ve been creating over the last 30 years and infusing them into these new mediums and metaverses in web3.

Matt:As genuine fans of Burton and his work, we wanted to launch him into the web3 market the right way. Our goal was to immerse Burton directly into the heart of today’s NFT movement by pairing him with a curated group of artists, technologists, designers, and culture pushers for a diverse mix of collaborative projects.

Burton: Our latest release was a virtual fashion collection for the metaverse. That interested me because I’ve always been a proponent of mixing art and fashion. When I was first starting out, one of my big breaks came when David Schwimmer decided to wear my t shirt while filming the third episode of Friends. Similarly, Banquet and Dapp Craft first gained notoriety in the web3 scene after teaming up to release their virtual fashion collection last summer. All of us were really excited about the idea of coming together to create something new and innovative for the wearables market.

Tell us about Pop!Tops – what sets it apart from other wearables right now?

Matt: Pop!Tops is the perfect Decentraland wearables collaboration. Burton is one of the leading artists of his generation and Dapp Craft is one of the top wearable developers in the metaverse. It’s hard to get such a diverse mix of talents together behind one collection. We were fortunate enough to do that with Pop!Tops and as a result, the quality and creativity of these pieces definitely stand out within Decentraland’s marketplace.

Here’s a quote from one of the buyers of the collection on what sets it apart:

The opportunity to represent myself in the metaverse by wearing an original Burton Morris artwork is something I could never do in real life. Also since this is his first collection ever released in the metaverse, it carries the power of his entire portfolio in one undeniably beautiful piece.

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