Soulja Boy, American rapper, dancer and record producer.

Soulja Boy, American rapper, dancer and record producer.

Soulja Boy sold his first "How do I sell my tweet" tweet for over $1,200.

Soulja Boy Sells His First NFT
A signed copy of that tweet went for an eye-watering $1,288 just a few hours later. The signed digital representation is now on the Ethereum blockchain and belongs to whoever paid Soulja Boy 0.07475 ETH.

Personal Brand Presence5/ 10
Authoritativeness6/ 10
Expertise5/ 10
Influence3/ 10
Overall Rating5/ 10

In 2022


As of press time, Soulja Boy had sold five tweets as NFTs, agreeing to bids as low as 0.0029 or $5 in one case. “I was the first rapper to release an NFT,” he says in his most recent NFT tweet. It was eventually sold for $200.

According to the website of NFT platform Valuables, only the author of the tweet can choose to have their content immortalized on the blockchain. If they agree, the highest bidder receives a digital certificate of the tweet. This certificate is one-of-a-kind because it must be cryptographically signed using the author’s private key.

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