Hayden Adams, Founder of Uniswap

Hayden Adams, Founder of Uniswap

Hayden Adams is a New York-based computer engineer who founded the decentralized exchange Uniswap. Adams worked as an engineer at Siemens after graduating from college, but was laid off after a year. In 2017, he discovered cryptocurrency through a Reddit post by none other than Vitalik Buterin.
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Adams was raised by his parents and learned to code. Karl Floersch, a buddy who works at Ethereum, told Adams that smart contract development is a feasible career path. Adams later became involved with automated market makers and founded Uniswap. Soon after, Floersch connected him to Buterin, who suggested Adams apply for an Ethereum Foundation grant. Adams done so, and the Uniswap project obtained a $65,000 grant from the foundation to fund a comprehensive code audit.

In 2022



While Uniswap had a good year in 2021, Adams is predicted to have an even better year in 2022. Uniswap, according to the founder, will achieve $1 trillion in cumulative volume this year through its million-plus user base. Adams states that the Uniswap development team, Uniswap Labs, would focus on new developer tools and widgets to promote governance participation. They will also work to create “additional pathways to inexpensive, secure, and frictionless trading and coordination.”

Considering the project’s 2021, one can expect that Adams will bring Uniswap to additional networks and introduce new ways to manage liquidity within the platform. As of early January, Uniswap’s Polygon implementation has quickly become the network’s highest-volume DEX protocol.

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