Emily Ratajkowski, American model and actress.

Emily Ratajkowski, American model and actress.

Emily Ratajkowski is intriguing not only because, like other celebrities, she only recently became aware of crypto-tokens, but also because of her deeply personal and inspiring experience with NFT.
Metaverse Post » Emily Ratajkowski, American model and actress.

Personal Brand Presence2/ 10
Authoritativeness2/ 10
Expertise3/ 10
Influence6/ 10
Overall Rating3/ 10

She made a digital illustration titled “Buying Myself Back” and sold it. Token is more than just a photograph or a music album. A single photograph tells an entire story. Emily is standing in front of an enlarged photograph of herself taken by a well-known photographer in this image. Emily and her boyfriend paid around $80,000 for this photograph.

Using the newly introduced medium of NFTs, I hope to symbolically set a precedent for women and ownership online, one that allows for women to have ongoing authority over their image and to receive rightful compensation for its usage and distribution.



However, thanks to the NFT, Ratajkowski can now reclaim ownership of the photo and his own image. The model wanted to demonstrate that she is the only one who can do whatever she wants with her paintings. After selling the painting, Emily stated that the digital marketplace and NFTs were the only ways to reach a wider audience with such a specific idea.

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