Paradigm-backed Art Gobblers NFTs dominate the market, but the community is suspicious

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Art Gobblers NFTs, created by Justin Roiland and Paradigm, almost instantly raised millions of dollars in trading volume.

The project incorporates tools to inspire creativity and has cartoon-like thematic.

NFT collectors on Twitter are arguing that NFT whales rapidly heaped the collection.

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art gobblers

Art Gobblers NFTs are soaring to the top of the NFT trading volume charts after generating 10,000 ETH in the first three hours after launching. The hand-drawn NFT collection is an “experimental, decentralized art factory” that encourages art creation and curation. Data by Dune Analytics revealed that the collection raised 14,151 ETH while being live for less than 24 hours. The current Gobblers’ floor price is 13.3 ETH. 

art gobblers
Source: OpenSea

Art Gobblers were created by Justin Roiland, the co-founder of the sitcom Ricky and Marty. Roiland is a renowned name in the entertainment world. The Web3 investment firm, Paradigm, is the project’s major investor.

One of the features that make the NFT project stand out is the free drawing tool. It allows users to turn a blank page into a digital collectible. Art can be minted by using an ERC-20 token, $GOO, which holders can earn while holding Gobblers NFTs. The Web3 project currently has 1,600 NFTs.

Art Gobblers also have a union, Juicebox DAO, which aims to own the majority of Gobblers and $GOBBLE tokens from the project. Web3 expert Adam Cochran elaborated on the DAO in this tweet

However, the NFT community is disappointed, as holders of the Art Gobblers NFTs appear to be the known “NFT influencers,” who were also allegedly whitelisted for the mint. Some users wrote that it’s unfair that recognizable NFT collectors get the NFTs for free while they’ve already made thousands in NFT trading. They further argued that there is no space for new and real NFT enthusiasts.

“These hyped projects are all the same. Happens every couple of months. Exact same people. No one seems to notice,”

one user wrote on Twitter.

Other NFT collectors disagree with the opinion.

Because of Art Gobblers, Blur reached a record-high sales volume of 8,453 ETH. The NFT marketplace is also backed by Paradigm and has surprised the industry with high user and sales numbers.

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