Nike and RTFKT to Release Virtual Sneakers

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Nike and RTFKT have released virtual sneakers under the name of CryptoKicks. 

RTFKT Studios is a virtual fashion start-up that was acquired by Nike in December 2021. 

Two months later, in February 2022, RTFKT released an NFT under the name MNLTH. 

The non-fungible token featured a metallic cube that pictured both Nike and RTFKT logos. The people that collected MNLTH NFTs were then invited to complete ‘quests’ posted on RTFKT’s Discord channel and Twitter. 

On April 22nd the answer was finally revealed. The collaboration turned out to be a pair of genesis virtual Nike Dunk sneakers, the ‘RTFKT x NIKE CRYPTOKICKS NFTs’. Interestingly, each shoe token has different properties, divided in such sections as artefact, mod and vial. 

The collection might have been designed for use in Metaverse worlds, and can be altered with the ‘Skin Vials’ collectible. 

OpenSea page of RTFKT X NIKE MONOLITH collection states that ‘MNTLH Quest will continue…’, so more MNLTH NFT reveals are supposedly coming in the future. The current floor price of an NFT is 5.235 ETH (approximately $15,000), 1.6K ETH of volume traded.

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