November 17, 2023

Mines Of Dalarnia Terraformed Update Now Available On Mainnet

Stockholm, Sweden, November 17th, 2023, Chainwire

Mines of Dalarnia, an action-adventure blockchain-based gaming platform, proudly announces its highly anticipated Terraformed update. The game is now available on Mainnet today. This significant milestone reflects months of dedicated effort from the team, aimed at providing an enhanced gaming experience for all players. From the introduction of the new game economy to its first fully on-chain feature, players can now explore the recent developments and uncover the exciting possibilities and encounters that await in the Terraformed update. The action-adventure game is now live and can now be downloaded from the following link.


Mines of Dalarnia introduced its latest feature called Modbots, a new idle game. This strategic game allows players to earn $DAR tokens and actively contribute to the game’s mining resources. More information on Modbots is available for reading here.


Mines of Dalarnia had invited its community into an engaging recap of two extensive sessions of Ask Me Anything (AMA) held over the past three months. The sessions showcased key figures, including Manfred Pack, the Project Lead, Keith McCullough, the Game Director, and David Otero, the Economy Designer. The transparency offered in these sessions sheds light on the personalities driving Mines of Dalarnia’s innovations.

The speakers provided a proper introduction to the game update and collectively offered comprehensive answers and in-depth insights submitted by the community on the new economy design. The recordings are available on Mines of Dalarnia’s official YouTube channel: New Economy Design Part 1 and New Economy Design Part 2.


Mines of Dalarnia shared an article in October about its new Land Tier List explaining significant changes in the land system and introducing the Golden and Silver Shards. The new addition of the Tier List System categorises lands based on unique qualities. Detailed explanations of the benefits of staking lands and the flexibility it offers in response to changing mining demands and insights on analytical methods to establish land tiers can be found on its official medium.


The changes to land with the Terraformed Economy update in Dalarnia include the following key features:

  1. Equal Lands: Depth information was replaced with a ‘rank’ field for fairness among landowners.
  2. New Capsules: Introduction of capsules featuring 2 resources and 50 digs per refill.
  3. Upgrading Lands: Plans to allow land upgrades later in the year.
  4. Replenish Timer: A flexible cooldown system based on capsule tiers and types.
  5. Dismantling Old Capsules: Capsules can be dismantled into resources until December 31, 2023.
  6. Remaining Digs: Landowners with digs remaining after the Terraformed Economy update can claim resources until December 31, 2023, enriching the gaming experience for all.


In the later part of October, the team announced a redesign of its mining system. Unlike the previous high-score system, the new design focuses on the resources players mine, which makes mining more transparent, while creating excitement through an added level of strategy for players to complete digs to their fullest potential. The redesign includes the following features: 

  1. New Backpack System: A new Backpack System for beginners and experienced players to collect up to 50 slots.
  2. Resource Fragments: Maintaining resource rarity, the Fragments System is introduced. Instead of gems, players collect resource fragments.
  3. Time Bonus Redesign: The Time Bonus system is replaced with Time Gems. Players can maintain their time bonus by collecting time gems and defeating monsters, impacting influences resource yield.
  4. Aspects and Perk Rebalancing: Changes are made to six equipment perks due to the redesign. No changes with equipment perks for competitions. The aspect system no longer requires matching equipment aspects to enter mines but offers significant attributes and mining capability boosts.


The Terraformed Update aims to make land management economically attractive for landowners. With the replenishment logic being redefined, capsules are now more affordable, a shift predominantly impacting landowners but an intriguing consideration for all miners.

As Mines of Dalarnia continues to evolve, to offer more engaging and enriching experiences for its players, the team welcomes feedback and welcomes every action-adventure gamer to join the Mines of Dalarnia community. Stay connected and follow Mines of Dalarnia’s social media channels for exciting updates:

Discord: discord.com/invite/minesofdalarnia

Twitter: twitter.com/MinesOfDalarnia

Telegram: http://t.me/MinesOfDalarnia

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/minesofdalarnia_ann

About Mines of Dalarnia 

Mines of Dalarnia is a continually evolving platform-mining blockchain game built on the BNB Chain. The game caters to both solo and multiplayer action, designed for every gamer. Merging combat and dungeon crawling, Mines of Dalarnia is abundant with resources, inviting explorers and investors to uncover, collect, and trade within its expansive universe.


Fati Hakim
[email protected]


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