KuCoin Launches Creators Fund

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KuCoin Ventures, the global crytocurrency trading platform has created a fund in collaboration with Windvane NFT marketplace. The project is called ‘Creators Fund’ and is aimed at helping artists and creators showcase their works to wide audiences. 

The company is contributing $100 million for the development of Web3 economy, focusing on supporting promising NFT projects.

Windvane is a decentralized NFT marketplace powered by KuCoin. As many other NFT marketplaces, Windvane offers the possibility to mint, manage, store and trade Non-fungible tokens. The platform supports different blockchains, such as ETH, BSC, FLOW and others, and allows to select cross-chain aggregator. 

The Chief Investment Officer of KuCoin Ventures, Justin Chou, believes that Web 3.0 creators are going to revolutionize the NFT industry. The company’s CEO Johny Lyu is thrilled to launch ‘Creators Fund’, saying that he is happy to participate in the rapid development of NFTs and their integration with sports, games, culture, art and other. 

The fund is aimed specifically at NFT creators and communities that would integrate into the Metaverse infrastructure. 

To start, ’Creators Fund’ is planning to invite 99 amazing NFT creators to join Windvane, accelerating the growth of Web 3.0. 

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