Chain Runners to enter the Metaverse

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Chain Runners is an NFT project created by a team of builders experienced in the tech and game industries. It has great community and cherishes support amongst the holders. The website of the project describes it as a ‘collaboratively built cyberpunk universe owned and influenced by the community’. 

Initially the project was a 10,000-piece PFP collection stored fully on Ethereum blockchain. As most NFT projects, Chain Runners has a variety of traits, each of which can be ‘taken off’ the Runner, sort of dismantled thanks to the fact that each PFP is on-chain. Chain Runners reside in 3 Universes: Mega City, Runners and Somnus. 

In January 2022 the creators have announced the future launch the Chain Runners XR. Each owner of a genesis Runner will be able to claim a 3D full-body version of their PFP which will be an interoperable token in Metaverses. The developers are in the process of building a player token that will give access to various digital experiences. 

The augmented reality versions of the NFTs look incredibly real. Some of them can be already tried on via Snapchat. A range of customisable wearables for the Metaverse is also coming soon

The collection is going to be released under a full CC0 (Creative Commons) license. 

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