Hermès Tries to Fully Block the Creator of MetaBirkin NFTs

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Luxury brand Hermès aims to block Mason Rothschild, the creator of MetaBirkin NFTs

The company has requested the Manhattan federal court to stop Mason Rothschild from promoting his NFT collection.

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Hermès Tries to Fully Block the Creator of MetaBirkin NFTs

Luxury fashion brand Hermès tries to block the artist behind “MetaBirkin” NFTs. On February 6, Reuters Legal shared that the French company has requested the Manhattan federal court to stop Mason Rothschild (legal name Sonny Estival) from promoting his non-fungible token collection.

“MetaBirkin” NFTs is a collection of 100 digital artworks released in December 2021. The tokens reimagine Hermès’ iconic bag model, “Birkin.” However, the NFTs do not look exactly like the fashion houses’ leather accessories. In fact, the idea behind Rothschild’s project was to put viewers’ minds on alternative textiles, as the artist recreated the images of famous and desired-by-many bags in colorful faux fur. 

Hermès Tries to Fully Block the Creator of MetaBirkin NFTs

In December 2021, Hermès stated that the artworks were an infringement of the brand’s intellectual property. Following this, in January 2022, the company filed a lawsuit against Mason Rothschild. In February of this year, Hermès won the case against the artist, and the artist was ordered to pay the company $133,000 in damages. 

The case did not end there. On March 3, Hermès stated in the court that Mason continues receiving 7.5% royalties from secondary sales of his MetaBirkin NFTs. In addition, the brand claimed that Rothschild did not stop promoting his project on his Twitter and website.

“Rothschild has continued acting as he has since November 2021 — brazenly violating Hermès’s intellectual property rights,”

stated Hermès. 

The fashion house reportedly asked the artist to hand over the MetaBirkins website, the tokens, and all the earnings from both primary and secondary sales to Hermès. 

At the moment of writing, Rothschild’s Twitter page does not feature any new tweets regarding the MetaBirkins collection. The artist is currently promoting his other project called “This Artwork Is Subject To Change.”

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