Heavy Metal Concerts Are Coming to the Metaverse: The Sandbox and Slipknot Announce ‘Knotverse’

The Sandbox is releasing a heavy metal project ‘Knotverse,’ in partnership with Slipknot. 

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knotfest - Slipknot x Sandbox

Earlier this year, The Sandbox partnered with Warner Music to bring concerts of famous stars such as Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran into the metaverse. Now, The Sandbox is releasing a heavy metal project ‘Knotverse,’ in partnership with Slipknot. 

The virtual world space curated by Knotfest and Slipknot will allow heavy music fans around the world to unite and have immersive Web3 experiences.

Slipknot is among the most famous heavy metal bands, formed in the 90s in Iowa, U.S. Knotfest is a festival – “dark carnival experience” that takes place in different locations worldwide, organized by the band. Knotverse will be the metaverse center of heavy music lifestyle, concerts, gaming, NFTs, digital wearables, unique merchandise, artist memorabilia, and more.

Knotverse Lands in The Sandbox will represent Knotfest’s dark carnival theme of imagery and authenticity from over 20 years. The project will be a top meeting and hangout place for metalheads in the virtual world. 

The first NFT drop, ‘My legacy’ by Shawn Crahan (Clown), will be released on April 22. Crahan is the co-founder and the background vocalist of Slipknot. He is also a collector of NFTs and owns 60 artworks from various collections.

“We’re building the future of digital expression and social interactions and this partnership invites a diverse, freethinking new audience to experience the benefits of true ownership where any Slipknot NFT can be used not only in The Sandbox but on any other compatible platform,” said Sébastien Borget, the co-founder of The Sandbox. 

For more information, check Knotverse and join the community’s Discord.

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