Gmoney’s Web3 Fashion Brand 9dcc Introduces Personalized POAPs and Tests New Game in World Connect Program

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Gmoney, founder and CEO of web3 fashion brand 9dcc, is introducing personalized POAPs to interact with NFT holders.

9dcc is teaming up with Web3 gaming platform Internet Game to test their new game, Word Guess, which is accessible by scanning an NFC chip on any 9dcc networked product.

The customization period ends on February 20, and POAPs are limited-edition and are available only during the World Connect period from February 23 to March 7.


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Gmoney, the founder and CEO of Web3 fashion brand 9dcc, is introducing personalized POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols) to transform how 9dcc interacts with NFT holders, Vogue Business reported. 9dcc launched last summer as “the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform.” The brand uses NFC chips to connect physical products with NFTs.

Holders of Iteration-001 (IT-01) and Iteration-002 (IT-02) can now customize their POAPs, which are connected to 9dcc networked products (the black and white tees). The customization period will end on February 20. 

This initiative is part of 9dcc’s new gamified World Connect experience, where holders can trade their personalized POAPs with one another. These POAPs are limited edition and will only be available for distribution during the World Connect period from February 23 to March 7.

Gmoney and 9dcc are also teaming up with Web3 gaming platform Internet Game to beta-test their new game, Word Guess. By scanning the NFC chip on any 9dcc networked product, players can access the game instantly, bridging the gap between social networking and gaming. It’s a prime example of the innovative technology that gmoney and his team are working on, and it’s easily accessible. 

The luxury web3 company is helping people less familiar with web3 purchase their IT-01 and IT-02 NFTs. It partnered with Firstmate to allow customers to pay with a credit card rather than a crypto wallet. This makes token-backed products more accessible to a wider audience. 

9dcc’s World Connect program allows users to collect POAPs without scanning. The program rewards two winners with a prize, likely an IT-01 in their preferred size, for distributing and collecting the most POAPs. This move is noteworthy for its gamification of the Web3 experience, encouraging token holders to engage with the community and the technology. It also adds uniqueness to users’ POAPs and encourages networking, facilitating connections between users who might not otherwise have interacted.


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