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What is NFT Avatar?

An NFT avatar is essentially a digitally generated image of cartoon or other pixelated characters, usually in the form of an upper body (shoulders/head), in the form of a portrait. Any NFT avatar is inherently individual. Each NFT avatar has its own unique features – be it outfits, hairstyles, clothes. Avatars can be anyone – fictional animals, humans, extraterrestrial races from science fiction.

What is NFT Avatar?

Understanding NFT Avatar

At a cursory glance, it may seem that NFT avatars are simple digital pictures of cartoon or other pixel characters. However, this is misleading. There is more behind this. Many such avatars are united only by the fact that they seem to depict the same cartoon characters, but this is not so.

Each NFT avatar is unique. Both internally and externally. This uniqueness is obtained by the NFT avatar when generated by the program. You will not meet a single absolutely identical avatar, this simply cannot be in principle.

NFT avatars serve not only for their contemplation and more profitable sale. Avatars have become an important tool for various uses in various fields. Here are some of them:

– Game industry. Avatars are used to create collections in games that the player can collect and then dispose of them at their discretion.
– Charity and participation in charity events. For example, NFT avatars have become a reward in the form of rewards for donors. NFT avatars are put up for auction and the proceeds are donated to charity
– Gambling entertainment industry, casinos

NFT avatars quickly became popular. Undoubtedly, this is only the initial stage and NFT avatars as a technology will get even more progress and we will be witnesses to this.

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