Geenee AR startup releases metaverse game “NFT All Stars” playable with selected NFT avatars

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Source: Geenee AR

AR-powered mobile software startup Geenee has launched the “NFT All Stars” metaverse game. The multi-player AR game features NFT characters from top collections, such as CloneX, Doodles, Head5, Nomad Blvd, Non-Fungible People, Nouns, MeSkullz, Ready Player Me Punks, SupDucks, and The Sandbox, with more NFT projects to join soon. 

The game is integrated with the MetaMask wallet, allowing users to play with their own avatars. Nevertheless, the game enables users who don’t own an NFT to use other avatars.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see the release of NFT All Stars from Geenee AR and to have my CloneX brought to life. We’re barely scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible when you combine storytelling, creativity, digital asset ownership, and the power of augmented reality,”

CloneX #16127 holder, JaySerpens, said in a release.

Geenee is a WebAR builder for Web3 and allows users to create 3D animated assets and AR experiences from a mobile browser without any costs. NFT All Stars was created in the Geenee WebAR Builder, which allows custom game development or adding users’ personal avatars using the same game mechanics. 

The game allows players to compete with each other in real-time through activities, such as racing, to collect the most AR stars. 

Geenee AR’s Elena de Sosa said that the next step of any metaverse roadmap is shifting from 2D PFPs to interactive 3D characters.

“Project holders seek utility and want their avatars’ stories to progress. Geenee is excited to help tell those stories in a fun and meaningful way,”

de Sosa added.

You can access the game here.

3D avatar games could become the next gaming trend on the back of play-to-earn games. Last month, the cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me raised $56 million, while the metaverse avatar creator Genies launched an NFT fashion marketplace called “The Warehouse.” 

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