First-ever AI-created video clip released by Russian musician Jah Khalib receives 1 million views

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First ever AI-created video clip for singer-songwriter Jah Khalib

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On October 28, the first-ever video clip created completely by artificial intelligence (AI) was released by Russian singer and songwriter Jah Khalib.

The first totally created AI video clip by Russian musician Jah Khalib received 1 million views

The video entitled “Осенняя” (“Autumn”) begins with a close-up of Paris’s street view. As the clip progresses, a number of abstract graphical images and footage of environments are shown, all of which were created by AI software.

The video has been widely praised for its creativity and originality, with many viewers commenting on the “uncanny” resemblance of the AI-created footage to professional animation.

The video has already been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. This is a significant achievement in the field of AI video creation. Jah Khalib is a leading figure in the AI video creation community right now.

I don’t even speak Russian, but this song is so good that I had to google this comment to express my appreciation in Russian!

Zahab, Jah Khalib’s fan

This is a huge accomplishment for AI technology and shows how far it has come in recent years. With its ability to create realistic 3D models, AI is becoming increasingly popular in the field of video production. We can only imagine what future AI-created videos will be like.

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