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Zebu Live

September 22 - September 23

Zebu Live


We’re gathering to celebrate the progress the Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain industry has made over the years and dive deep into how to gain mainstream adoption.

Our goal is to bring all the biggest communities together to work together towards the goal of mainstream adoption.

Our topics generally fall into the below 6 buckets.

Web 3 live

Art x Web3 x nature
Web3 product essentials
How to govern a Web3 world
Putting UK on the Web3 map
How to start BUIDLing out your idea
Decentralize my identity already, ser
Designing Web3’s UX/UI for humans
The cross-chain vs. multi-chain world
The state of decentralization in Web3
Moving the masses from Fiat to Crypto
Creating and establishing a Web3 brand
How to create a thriving Web3 community
Increasing diversity & accessibility in Web3
Decentralizing social media to healp creators
Finding the alpha: investing in Web3 startups
Tokenization of everything: goods, real estate, investment, etc

Defi live

The future of DeFi
Can banks embrace DeFi?
The rise of the crypto banks
Bringing DeFi to the masses
Regulating decentralized finance
Optimizing yield & minimizing risk
Wen central bank digital currencies?

NFTs live

Bringing DeFi to NFTs
NFTs break into sports
How can NFTs be a force for good?
Beyond the hype: where are NFTs headed?
How can the film industry benefit from NFTs?
Bringing power back to the artists with music NFTs

Metaverse live

Fashion enters the metaverse
Musical experiences in the metaverse
Bridging the real world with the metaverse
Building, architecting, and designing in the metaverse

DAOs live

How to really DAO it
Can DAOs change the way we work

Gaming live

It’s all fun and GameFi
Seamlessly integrating NFTs into gaming ecosystems
Can you really build a game around an NFT storyline?




September 22
September 23
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London, UK
London,United Kingdom
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