Azuki introduces rarity tiers for the Physical Backed Token hoodies

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NFT project Azuki introduces the Physical Backed Token rarity

Starting December 5, Azuki x Ambush hoodies owners can discover the rarity tiers of their hoodies

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NFT project Azuki introduces the Physical Backed Token rarity. 

Azuki is a blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 PFPs launched by Chiru Labs in January 2022. It gained major attention right after its release, thanks to the anime-styled artwork and great marketing. 

In October, Azuki developers first introduced the Physical Backed Token. The feature ties physical items to digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The PBT enables physical item owners to digitally verify the ownership of the items and transfer it. This technology is an open-source standard that can be used by anyone. 

In November, Azuki dropped a clothing collection in partnership with Japanese streetwear brand Ambush. The phygital collection included silver and gold dragon pendants, as well as 1,000 PBT-enabled black and white hoodies. 


Starting December 5, Azuki x Ambush hoodie owners can add the items to their collectors’ profiles. To do so, holders need to scan the Bean chip encrusted in the hoodies with their phones. 

The experience does not finish here, as Azuki has also introduced rarity levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity revealing process is exciting – holders need to scan the Bean chip to discover the tier.

More than that, hoodie owners can dress their Azuki characters with the digital version of their fashion pieces. 

The current floor price of Azuki is 11,79 ETH (approximately $14,725), with 269.684 ETH of total volume traded. 


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