Saga is embarking on an ambitious airdrop campaign, distributing a total of 60,000,000 SAGA crypto tokens across its ecosystem. This initiative aims to recognise and reward the active engagement of various stakeholders. Eligible recipients include ATOM, TIA, MATIC, and AVAX stakers, as well as multiverse participants in Saga tournaments, developer stress tests, and social quests. Metaverse Post notes that this opportunity is available until March 27th, 2024. To facilitate this process, Saga has launched its official Airdrop Claims Page, which is now live and operational. This marks an exciting milestone for the Saga community and its collaborators.

Saga extends a warm welcome to members from ATOM Hub, Celestia, Polygon, and Avalanche, who are invited to participate in this airdrop alongside the dedicated Saga Genesis Community and Innovators. Whether you’ve showcased your skills in tournaments, demonstrated your resilience in developer stress tests, or triumphed in our Innovator quests, this airdrop is a token of appreciation for your contributions.

What’s Saga?

In the multichain metaverse, Saga Network is an open-source system that automatically supplies blockchains for certain applications. It provides automatic deployment of a single-tenant application into its own chain, predictable developer pricing for block space provisioning, and no up-front costs for starting a chain. Flexible developer business models and end-user experiences are made possible by Saga’s distinctive token mechanism architecture.

Delegate Wallet Access Saga Update:

Recently, the team performed a detailed delegate snapshot involving around 650 delegate wallets to assess eligibility for an imminent airdrop. They faced issues with duplicate entries arising from cold wallets, delegates, and non-distinct delegate submissions. Consequently, adjustments were necessary in the airdrop distribution method. Originally intended to distribute 250 tokens uniformly, the revised allocation now awards 0.69 Saga tokens to qualifying Punks delegates and 0.0042 Saga tokens to eligible BAYC delegates. This custom allocation method aims to promote equitable and precise distribution among participants.


Reward Pool
60,000,000 SAGA
March, 27, 2024

Guide to receive this airdrop

  1. Connect Your Destination Wallet

    Your Keplr wallet will be the destination for your claimed airdrop tokens. If you haven’t set up a Keplr wallet yet, you need to do so.

    • Go to the Saga airdrop checker claim page.
    • Locate and hit the “CONNECT KEPLR” button.
    • Follow the prompts in the Keplr pop-up to sign in and connect your Keplr wallet.
  2. Connect Your Source Wallet Addresses

    Connect additional source wallets from different networks that may be eligible for airdrops.

    Add EVM Address (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Saga Game Tournaments, and Social Campaigns excluding NFTs from Stargaze)

    • Click on the “ADD EVM ADDRESS” button.
    • Follow the instructions to connect your Ethereum-based wallet.
    • Confirm the connection by signing the message.

    Add P-Chain Address (Avalanche)

    For Avalanche users, connect your P-Chain address:

    • Click on the “ADD P-CHAIN ADDRESS” button.
    • Follow the provided instructions, including signing a message and pasting your P-Chain address.
    • Verify that the address was added correctly.

    Add Keplr Address (ATOM, Celestia, and Zealy NFTs from Stargaze)

    • Click on the “ADD KEPLR ADDRESS” button.
    • Follow the prompts to add your Keplr-based wallets.
    • Double-check that the address was successfully added.
  3. Claim Your Airdrop

    Now that all your wallets are connected, it’s time to claim your airdrop tokens.

    • Find the relevant airdrop campaign on the claim page.
    • Click the “CLAIM” button next to the airdrop you’re eligible for.
  4. Confirm Your Claim

    After clicking “CLAIM,” the button will turn green, and the total tokens claimed summary will update.

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