December 12, 2023

What Are The Best Micro Cap Crypto Coins To Buy In 2024

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We list the 7 best micro cap crypto coins to buy in 2024 that are being backed by smart-money traders to display explosive gains. 

The cryptocurrency market remains on the cusp of its next bull run, which could see the Bitcoin price create a new all-time high in 2024. The upcoming Bitcoin halving and the SEC’s likely approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs provide the ideal backdrop for BTC to continue its bullish trajectory next year. 

Large-cap and mid-cap altcoins such as Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin and Chainlink are also expected to mirror BTC’s bullish stance. 

However, owing to their large market capitalization, they are expected to generate limited returns compared to low market cap cryptos, especially for sidelined investors who are still looking for the best crypto to buy. 

For instance, with the Bitcoin price currently at $42,000, investors buying BTC today would need it to hit the $84,000 price point to generate 2x returns on their investment. This price would be 21% higher than Bitcoin’s current all-time high of $69k. 

Which Crypto Will Explode In 2024?

Smart-money traders continue to emphasize that while large-caps will only offer 2-3x returns in the next bull market, the right micro-cap crypto coins could result in anywhere from 10x to 100x gains. 

In the stock and crypto markets, a micro-cap is an asset with a market capitalization of less than $350 million. These assets could carry a slightly higher risk but often result in significantly larger rewards. 

More importantly, these cryptocurrencies have less of a correlation with Bitcoin, allowing investors to profit even during a bearish broader market outlook. On-chain data firm Santiment revealed last week that even when Bitcoin halted its bullish trajectory and was consolidating below the $44k mark, small and micro-cap tokens decoupled from BTC, experiencing a strong uptick in their values. 

Best Micro Cap Crypto Coins To Buy

With the market primed for a bull run in 2024, investors have a higher risk appetite and are searching for the tokens with the most price potential. The Federal Reserve is also expected to adopt a dovish stance next year, creating the ideal backdrop for microcaps to explode. 

With this in mind, we list the 7 best micro cap crypto coins to buy in 2024 that are being backed by smart-money traders to display explosive gains. 

Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF)

Bitcoin ETF Token is our top pick for the best micro cap crypto coins to buy, considering that it capitalizes on the most important narrative currently in the crypto market – the ongoing ETF frenzy. Read our early review of the project here.

The project anticipates that the SEC will approve all BTC ETF applications imminently and intends to reward its holders when that happens and when the approved ETFs hit 4 other designated milestones. Due to this exciting rewards-based tokenomics, investors have been quick to buy $BTCETF in the ongoing presale, with close to $3.5 million worth of tokens already sold out. 

Analysts such as Matthew Perry and Conor Kenny go as far as to call it one of the best tokens to buy for the upcoming bull market.

The first milestone will be achieved when $BTCETF has a trading volume of $100 million, while the second and third milestones will be hit when the first spot Bitcoin ETF is approved and on the day of its launch to the market, respectively. Finally, the fourth and the fifth milestone will be accomplished when the approved ETFs have a cumulative AUM of $1 billion and when the Bitcoin price reaches the $100k price mark. 

At each milestone, 5% of the $BTCETF token supply will be burned to create scarcity – i.e. 25% in total – which could boost its price. The transaction tax – which is set to be at 5% at the start of the token’s trading – will also be reduced by 1% at every milestone. 

Additionally, investors have the option to stake their tokens and earn passive income, currently at an APY of 80%. 

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Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is another BTC derivative with exciting utility and is backed by analysts such as Michael Wrubel to explode in 2023. 

Bitcoin Minetrix is an innovative cloud mining platform that allows retail investors to mine Bitcoin and earn rewards, simply by staking the $BTCMTX token. 

Traditionally, crypto mining has become a difficult proposition for retail investors, considering the high capital investment and technical expertise required. The industry is now dominated by wealthy corporations, leaving little to no profits for the everyday investor. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin Minetrix democratizes this process, mining BTC itself and distributing the rewards to its investors, in proportion to their overall investment. Investors simply need to purchase $BTCMTX tokens and stake them to receive mining credits. These credits can be burned in exchange for cloud mining time or a percentage of the yields, both options leading to passive BTC rewards. 

With the upcoming Bitcoin bull run, the crypto mining industry is set to turn extremely profitable and Minetrix’s stake-to-mine mechanism allows everyday investors to earn a share of the profits. 

Additionally, Minetrix’s tokenized cloud mining approach is superior to other platforms as it offers a higher degree of transparency. Investors can unstake and sell their tokens at any point. Moreover, they can start to earn staking rewards – even before the launch of the mining operation – currently at an APY of 117%.

Due to Bitcoin Minetrix’s crucial real-world utility, the $BTCMTX token has already raised over $5 million in its presale – a testament to its robust demand. 

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TG.Casino ($TGC)

The online gambling industry is expected to grow leaps and bounds over the coming years, right alongside the crypto market. Consequently, the GambleFi space – which is at the confluence of both – is considered to be a highly profitable asset class by experts. 

The Rollbit Coin has already highlighted the potential of such tokens, amassing a market cap of $500 million. However, analysts such as Erik Stevens believe that the new $TGC token will capture $RLB’s market share, making it one of the best micro cap crypto coins to buy for 2024.

Indeed, Stevens highlights that a crypto whale sold a sizable portion of its $RLB holdings to purchase $150k worth of $TGC. Another deep-pocketed investor – who is also the admin of the Crypto Whale Pumps channel on Telegram – sold 10 ETH tokens to buy $TGC. 

$TGC is the native cryptocurrency of TG.Casino – an innovative crypto casino whose exciting attributes are impressing gambleFi enthusiasts. Unlike other gambling platforms, TG.Casino offers all its services on the Telegram messaging app, without the burden of any KYC verification or account setup. 

This Telegram-based approach offers significant advantages, such as protection by end-to-end encryption, seamless UI and higher user adoption. Thousands of players are already enjoying exciting games and sports books on the platform. Players betting with $TGC token are also receiving a 25% cash back on all their losses. 

$TGC holders can also start to earn staking rewards right from the presale itself, currently at an APY of 164%. 

The project understands that security is one of the most important aspects of the online gambling industry. As a result, TG.Casino has recently been KYC’ed by AssureDeFi, while the $TGC smart contract has been audited by Coinsult. 

Due to the combination of TG.Casino’s exciting feature and its high-security standards, the $TGC token has raised close to $4 million in its presale. 

Visit TG.Casino Presale

Meme Kombat ($MK)

Meme Kombat is a new and innovative meme coin, with exciting play-to-earn, gambleFi and staking attributes. With the surging demand for utility-based meme coins, $MK’s combination of aforementioned features could result in an explosive bull rally in 2024. 

The demand for the meme coin is already evident in its ICO, in which it has raised close to $3 million in just two months. Even popular traders such as Crypto Tony, who has over 350k subscribers on X, are bullish on Meme Kombat’s price potential. 

Meme Kombat will launch its own play-to-earn gaming environment – a virtual battle arena that will conduct a war of meme coins. The game will have 10 fictional characters – each acting as a mascot for popular meme coins such as Doge, Shiba, Pepe, Floki, Sponge, etc. 

The characters will engage in life-like battles through AI-based dynamic visualization and random sequencing. Players will be able to bet on their favorite character in various gaming modes such as player vs player, player vs game and direct betting. 

To balance the risks with rewards, investors are also allowed to stake their $MK tokens and accrue passive income – currently at an APY of 300%. 

However, Meme Kombat’s most impressive attribute is its commitment to transparency, an uncommon feature in the meme coin space. The identity of all team members behind the token has been revealed, including the project’s founder Matt Whiteman, which reduces the fear of scams or rug pulls. 

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yPredict ($YPRED)

Most smart-money traders are in consensus that AI-based crypto coins will be in high demand over the next crypto bull market. Consequently, yPredict – an all-in-one AI ecosystem – has been experiencing strong demand in its ICO, raising over $5.2 million. 

The yPredict ecosystem aims to simplify the world of crypto trading for its users and give them a significant edge, using AI-powered tools and ML-based predictive models. 

For instance, all $YPRED holders will gain lifetime access to yPredict’s Market Prediction tool, which gives accurate price predictions for thousands of securities and crypto assets. Similarly, traders can use the yPredict Analytics tool to make informed decisions in real-time, using automated chart pattern recognition, sentiment analysis and transaction data analysis. 

yPredict’s flagship feature is its Marketplace tool, which offers cutting-edge predictive data models, built by AI and ML experts. Traders can buy these models and use them as signals to win their crypto trades. Finally, pro traders can use yPredict’s Terminal trading engine to execute their trades at a blazing-fast speed. 

Due to this combination of real-world utility, $YPRED is being backed as one of the best micro cap crypto coins to buy for 2024. Investors can even choose to stake the tokens and accrue lucrative passive income. 

Visit yPredict Presale

Floki ($FLOKI)

The Floki meme coin took the crypto world by surprise when it exploded back in February, coming extremely close to amassing a market capitalization of $500 million. However, the token has since depreciated and currently has a market cap of $350 million. 

Nevertheless, analysts are confident that the dog-based meme coin will skyrocket in the upcoming bull market in 2024. After all, it is one of the few meme coins that is listed on Binance – the largest crypto exchange in the world. 

The Floki meme coin also offers exciting utility, instead of just attempting to capitalize on the popularity of a fictional character. For instance, the FlokiFi crypto locker protocol is considered one of the best use cases that any meme coin has to offer. 

The meme coin recently announced its own staking program, along with another utility token – TokenFi, which is also garnering tremendous hype. 

Smart-money traders believe that just as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu dominated the last crypto bull run, Floki is set to outperform most other assets this time around. 

Worldcoin ($WLD)

Worldcoin is one of the most-hyped cryptocurrencies to be launched in 2023, considering it is the brainchild of Sam Altman, the co-founder of OpenAI, the company behind the popular LLM platform ChatGPT. 

The Worldcoin project is aiming to build the “world’s largest digital identity and financial network”, providing universal access to the global economy. Over 2.5 million individuals have already registered with the project. 

The ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency – $WLD – reached an all-time high market capitalisation of $325 million in November of this year. However, experts believe that the token will surge to a significantly higher mark when the AI-based crypto coins explode during the next bull market. 

$WLD is also expected to surge on the backs of any positive development coming out of OpenAI. For instance, the cryptocurrency exploded when Sam Altman was reinstated as the CEO of OpenAI. With the company set to launch many exciting AI toots including GPT 5 in the coming year, $WLD is definitely one of the best micro cap crypto coins to purchase for 2024. 


In line with the Trust Project guidelines, please note that the information provided on this page is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other form of advice. It is important to only invest what you can afford to lose and to seek independent financial advice if you have any doubts. For further information, we suggest referring to the terms and conditions as well as the help and support pages provided by the issuer or advertiser. MetaversePost is committed to accurate, unbiased reporting, but market conditions are subject to change without notice.

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Gregory, a digital nomad hailing from Poland, is not only a financial analyst but also a valuable contributor to various online magazines. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, his insights and expertise have earned him recognition in numerous publications. Utilising his spare time effectively, Gregory is currently dedicated to writing a book about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Gregory Pudovsky
Gregory Pudovsky

Gregory, a digital nomad hailing from Poland, is not only a financial analyst but also a valuable contributor to various online magazines. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, his insights and expertise have earned him recognition in numerous publications. Utilising his spare time effectively, Gregory is currently dedicated to writing a book about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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