Web3 Game Launcher HyperPlay Goes Live in Public Early Access

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HyperPlay is a web3 game launcher co-developed by former Metamask operations lead jacobc.eth and web3 gaming DAO Game7.

Players can connect their wallet via the launcher to complete transactions in every native desktop game they install and launch from HyperPlay.

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Web3 game launcher HyperPlay has gone live in public early access, Decrypt first reported. Co-developed by former MetaMask operations lead jacobc.eth and web3 gaming DAO Game7, the game launcher was announced in November 2022.

HyperPlay, built in close collaboration with MetaMask, aims to provide a seamless user experience that allows gamers to enter every game with the same wallet containing their NFTs, tokens, and achievements, thereby enabling full interoperability for web3 games. Players can take assets between games, swap or lend them in DeFi, and follow their friends’ wallets.

While HyperPlay works with WalletConnect, the game launcher is optimized for MetaMask. Players can connect their wallet via the launcher and use it to complete transactions in every native desktop game they install and launch from HyperPlay without having to switch windows.

When a gamer plays a desktop game, MetaMask users will receive popup notifications for transactions on the MetaMask mobile app and browser extension, which HyperPlay can automatically detect.

“We’re separating the keys from the game. If the game is malicious, you don’t want your secret recovery phrase exposed to the game,” jacobc.eth told Decrypt.

At launch, HyperPlay will offer games, including DeFi Kingdoms, The Sandbox, The Bornless, Smashverse, and more. Besides launching games, HyperPlay also aggregates games from the Epic Games and Guild of Guardians game marketplaces, both integrated within its interface.

HyperPlay supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It uses Crossover and a built-in Proton compatibility layer to support running Windows games natively on Mac and Linux, respectively.

Games can also be sideloaded into HyperPlay. Developers can build for free on its open-source platform, which provides a simple API to request transactions, signatures, or any other requests that are possible with MetaMask. Making a comparison to Apple’s 30% fee taken from app developers for app store sales, Jacobc.eth told Decrypt that HyperPlay doesn’t take a cut of the developer’s in-game economy but instead generates revenue through “convenience features” offered within the app.

HyperPlay is giving interested players a preview of its game launcher at ETHDenver, Section 14, Booth #670, until Mar 5.


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