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July 07, 2023

THE SANDBOX Ecosystem Map Overview

The Sandbox is more than just a metaverse. It’s a vast ecosystem teeming with numerous partnerships, creative studios, diverse NFT collections, and distinctive personalities. Let’s embark on an enlightening journey through the intricate landscape of The Sandbox ecosystem. This map serves as a constellation of vibrant brands, innovative projects, and strategic partnerships – each a significant contributor to the rich tapestry of our flourishing metaverse. We’re incredibly grateful to x100gg for collecting the information that this material is constructed from.

As of now, this thriving network comprises an impressive roster of approximately 100 diverse partners and landmark events. So, brace yourselves as we set forth on this exciting exploration, delving into the intricacies of a truly interconnected digital universe.

The Sandbox Ecosystem Map (Source: @x100gg)

General presentation of The Sandbox

THE SANDBOX Ecosystem Map Overview

The Sandbox stands tall as a pioneering player in the rapidly expanding metaverse sphere. This vibrant virtual world offers users a chance to create, own, and monetize their experiences using blockchain technology. With its interactive environment, commitment to user-generated content, and a thriving economy based on its native $SAND token, The Sandbox is truly carving out its unique niche in the digital realm.

The objective of this article is to offer readers a comprehensive understanding of the diverse components that make up The Sandbox’s ecosystem. We’ll dive deep into its various facets, including tools, asset marketplaces, featured collections, partnerships, and builder studios. Our aim is not just to enumerate these components, but also to explain their roles, interconnections, and their collective contribution to shaping The Sandbox’s metaverse. Through this exploration, we seek to present a holistic view of how individual elements come together to form this dynamic, user-centric digital universe.

Overview of The Sandbox Ecosystem Map

The Sandbox Ecosystem Map serves as a navigational guide to the expansive digital universe of The Sandbox. Let’s take a moment to survey the various segments that constitute this intricate network:

  1. Tools: Two key tools fuel the creation in The Sandbox, namely GameMaker and VoxEdit. These platforms empower users to craft experiences, objects, and even entire worlds within the metaverse.
  2. Asset Marketplaces: This segment represents platforms such as The Sandbox Marketplace, Opensea, and Rarible, among others. These marketplaces facilitate the exchange of assets, predominantly NFTs, adding a dynamic commerce layer to the ecosystem.
  3. Featured Collections: Here we find the unique contributions of well-known entities like Snoop Dogg, Rabbids, and Paris Hilton. They enrich The Sandbox with their distinctive collections, often generating immense user engagement.
  4. Platforms & Tech Partners: Tech giants like, Forj, Kinetix, and The Morpheus Project are the crucial pillars supporting The Sandbox’s infrastructure.
  5. Crypto Brands & Global Brands Partners: Renowned brands from both crypto (Binance, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CyberKongz) and traditional industries (Adidas, Gucci, TIME) are part of The Sandbox. Their partnerships broaden The Sandbox’s reach and influence, drawing diverse audiences into the metaverse.
  6. Builder Studios: An extensive array of studios, including 01a1, Alcy, AlphaSquad Studio, and many others, are the architects of The Sandbox. Their creativity and technical skills translate into the immersive experiences that populate the metaverse.

Throughout the existence of The Sandbox, numerous events and collaborations with partners have helped shape the ecosystem into what it is today. Every entity – whether it’s a tool, a marketplace, a brand, or a builder studio – interweaves with the others to form the diverse and vibrant tapestry that is The Sandbox metaverse. Let’s look at each section in more detail.

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The Sandbox Tools

The Sandbox Tools

In the world of The Sandbox, two primary tools stand out as integral components for creation and design – GameMaker and VoxEdit.

GameMaker is a robust tool that allows users to build and design their personalized gaming experiences. It serves as a platform for creators to construct intricate landscapes, develop engaging narratives, and even script interactive events within their games. Its user-friendly interface and flexible functionalities make it a preferred choice for both novice and experienced game developers. In the context of The Sandbox, GameMaker is used by creators to design unique experiences and games that can be uploaded to the metaverse, further enriching its diverse offering.

VoxEdit, on the other hand, is a 3D modeling and animation tool specifically designed for creating voxel art. ‘Voxel’ stands for volumetric pixel, a graphic that can be visualized in three-dimensional space. VoxEdit allows creators to design and animate 3D voxel models, which can be exported as a non-fungible token (NFT) for monetization. Similarly, The Sandbox ecosystem, VoxEdit is primarily used to create a wide range of assets, from characters and creatures to buildings and landscapes. These assets can be sold on the marketplace or used within the games created with GameMaker.

Together, these tools serve as the lifeblood of creativity within The Sandbox, enabling creators to shape their digital reality and even profit from their creations. Their use cases within the ecosystem are as diverse as the creators themselves, ranging from crafting individual NFT art pieces to developing complex, interactive gaming experiences.

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Asset Marketplaces

Asset Marketplaces

Asset Marketplaces form a crucial part of the metaverse as they allow users to buy, sell, or trade digital assets. Within the ecosystem of The Sandbox, several renowned marketplaces come into play, each with unique offerings and features:

  1. The Sandbox Marketplace: This is the official marketplace, where users can buy, sell, and trade assets exclusively created for The Sandbox metaverse. Creators can mint their voxel art made in VoxEdit as NFTs and list them on this platform. Users can also buy assets to populate their experiences or even purchase LAND – unique digital real estate within The Sandbox.
  2. Opensea: OpenSea is one of the largest and most comprehensive NFT marketplaces, allowing users to discover, buy, sell, and trade digital assets from various categories like art, domain names, virtual world items, and more. Users can list their NFTs for sale or buy assets from others, offering a broader reach due to its significant user base.
  3. Rarible: Rarible is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that has a democratic governance structure, allowing its users to vote on platform proposals. Like OpenSea, it supports a broad array of NFT categories. Here, users can trade their assets alongside NFTs from other ecosystems.

Several other marketplaces like Binance NFT, LooksRare, and Coinbase NFT also facilitate NFT transactions for The Sandbox assets.

These marketplaces not only offer users a platform to monetize their creations but also enable them to buy unique assets that can enhance their experiences. For instance, a user can purchase an exclusive voxel art piece from an artist on OpenSea and incorporate it into their game designed via the GameMaker Engine. Similarly, a creator can sell their meticulously designed voxel assets on Rarible to earn a profit, while also contributing to the rich variety of assets within The Sandbox ecosystem.

Sandbox Featured Collections

Sandbox Featured Collections

Featured Collections in The Sandbox highlight the unique contributions of celebrities, artists, brands, and other popular figures. Each contributes their unique touch to the metaverse, drawing in fans, and enriching the diverse environment. Let’s delve into a few notable examples:

  1. Snoop Dogg: The renowned rapper and entrepreneur has made waves in the NFT and metaverse space. In The Sandbox, Snoop Dogg has created a virtual replica of his real-world mansion, known as “Snoop’s Casa.” So, fans can explore the mansion, attend virtual parties, and even interact with Snoop’s exclusive NFT collection, which includes voxelized versions of classic moments from his career.
  2. Rabbids: The popular gaming characters from Ubisoft’s Rabbids series have also found a home in The Sandbox. A unique collection of Rabbids-themed NFTs, including character skins and items, are available for users to incorporate into their own Sandbox experiences.
  3. Paris Hilton: The iconic media personality and businesswoman has brought her fashion and entrepreneurial prowess to The Sandbox. She offers a range of NFTs, from digital clothing lines for avatars to virtual recreations of her real-life DJ sets.

These celebrities and brands leverage their popularity to add unique dimensions to the metaverse. Their collections, representing their personal styles and interests, become part of the broader digital economy, allowing fans to own a piece of their favorite star’s metaverse presence. This not only strengthens the bond between the artists and their audience but also enhances the richness and diversity of the ecosystem.

Platforms and Tech Partners

Platforms and Tech Partners

Platforms and tech partners are essential for maintaining The Sandbox’s infrastructure. They provide a range of technologies and services that enhance the user experience. These partnerships also facilitate the development and transaction of digital assets within The Sandbox ecosystem. Let’s discuss a few notable ones:

  1. Uniqly is a blockchain-based platform that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world fashion. Within The Sandbox, it allows creators to design NFT clothing items that can be worn by avatars in the metaverse and can also be minted into physical, wearable clothing. This fusion of the digital and physical realms adds a unique layer to The Sandbox experience.
  2. Forj. Forj is a creative platform within The Sandbox that streamlines NFT production. It provides services like 3D modeling and smart contract creation. By simplifying the NFT creation process, Forj empowers creators to concentrate on their artistic endeavors.
  3. Kinetix. Kinetix provides AI-powered tools to help creators optimize their NFT assets for search and discovery. Also, this makes it easier for users to find and purchase their preferred assets within the vast marketplace of The Sandbox.
  4. The Morpheus Project. Morpheus Society is a platform for creating and trading top-tier NFT art. It helps artists and collectors in The Sandbox ecosystem. This enhances the metaverse’s artistry, allowing users to get unique artworks for their Sandbox experiences.

These partners, with their distinct offerings, collectively contribute to a well-rounded and optimized ecosystem within The Sandbox. These services provided by various partners contribute to an enhanced user experience within the metaverse. They make NFT creation more accessible, simplify asset discovery, and overall foster a vibrant and user-friendly environment in the metaverse.

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Crypto Brands and Global Brands Partners

Global Brands and Crypto Brands Partners play a crucial role in The Sandbox’s ecosystem, bringing their distinctive contributions that add vibrancy and allure to the metaverse. Their involvement enriches the overall experience for users within The Sandbox.

Crypto Brands and Global Brands Partners

Crypto Brands Partners:

  1. Binance. Binance’s presence in The Sandbox helps facilitate seamless transactions of digital assets within the metaverse. They also contribute to the ecosystem by releasing exclusive NFTs and organizing events.
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, a famous NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, has expanded its reach into The Sandbox. Owners of these unique NFTs can use them within The Sandbox, bringing the popular Apes to life in a metaverse.
  3. CyberKongz. CyberKongz brings their unique ape-themed NFTs, offering their community another platform to engage with their beloved digital assets.
  4. Chiliz. As a leading digital currency for sports and entertainment, Chiliz collaborates with The Sandbox to launch sports-related virtual experiences.

Global Brands Partners:

  1. Adidas. The globally recognized sportswear brand Adidas has ventured into The Sandbox, offering users digital merchandise and virtual experiences.
  2. Gucci. Luxury fashion brand Gucci brings its renowned designs into The Sandbox, offering unique virtual clothing items for avatars.
  3. TIME. The esteemed publication is expanding its digital footprint by venturing into Metaverse. So, TIME has created unique NFTs and organizes virtual events, offering users an innovative way to engage with their content.

Each of these partners enhances The Sandbox’s metaverse in a unique way, bringing along their dedicated communities and contributing towards an engaging, diverse, and vibrant digital world.

Builder Studios

Builder Studios

Builder Studios form the creative backbone of The Sandbox metaverse. They are a collection of designers, developers, and artists who work tirelessly to create interactive, immersive, and enjoyable experiences. From crafting intricate virtual landscapes to developing engaging games and interactive content, these studios are instrumental in shaping the universe.

Builder Studios Table

Studio NameDescription
01a1A creative studio that contributes to The Sandbox ecosystem by designing and developing unique voxel-based assets and experiences.
AlcyAlcy is known for its creative prowess in crafting engaging virtual environments in The Sandbox.
AlphaSquadA group of developers focused on creating immersive gaming experiences within the Sandbox ecosystem.
Amber Archopia StudioThis studio leverages the power of voxel art to develop unique digital assets for The Sandbox.
ArkBlockArkBlock works on blockchain-based solutions and contributes to the development and enhancement of the Sandbox metaverse.
Aviram StudioA creative hub that contributes to the vibrant Sandbox ecosystem with its unique digital assets.
BEMBEM is an innovative studio that creates engaging digital assets and experiences in The Sandbox.
Clever WhateverClever Whatever is known for its unique and creative approaches to building and enhancing the Sandbox experience.
Collectiv CryptoArteryThis studio combines the power of collective creativity with the potential of crypto technology to create unique assets.
EcoverseThis studio is known for its innovative designs and for enriching the Sandbox ecosystem with unique digital assets.
GlobantGlobant contributes to The Sandbox by offering its wide-ranging expertise in tech development.
Kratist StudioKratist Studio is known for its innovation in creating digital assets, adding a unique element to The Sandbox’s vibrant ecosystem.
Land VaultLand Vault specializes in creating virtual land and property assets within The Sandbox.
Leap StudioLeap Studio brings innovative design concepts to The Sandbox, pushing the boundaries of creativity in the metaverse.
MetaFuturaMetaFutura is a studio known for futuristic designs and their unique approach to voxel art within The Sandbox ecosystem.
MetaguildMetaguild is renowned for creating immersive gaming experiences within The Sandbox, contributing significantly to the metaverse’s growth.
Metaventure StudiosSpecializes in crafting engaging virtual environments, playing a crucial role in expanding The Sandbox ecosystem.
NabiyaCreative hub that uses innovative approaches to enhance the Sandbox experience with their unique digital assets.
Nestree MediaFocuses on creating media-related assets and experiences in The Sandbox, bringing a unique twist to the metaverse.
Nimit NationA collective of creative minds developing exciting gaming experiences and assets for The Sandbox.
SandStormSandStorm is renowned for their development of interactive and visually striking digital assets that help in making The Sandbox a vibrant metaverse.
Spaces DAOContributes to the democratic governance model of The Sandbox, creating a fair and inclusive metaverse.
Swipe BackSwipe Back specializes in creating interactive gaming experiences, enriching the variety of activities users can enjoy in The Sandbox.
Tempest StudiosTempest Studios brings its expertise in game development to The Sandbox, creating engaging experiences for users.
TentangoTentango is known for its innovative approach to game design, enhancing The Sandbox ecosystem with its unique creations.
UGC90UGC90 is renowned for their user-generated content that enriches the community-centric model of The Sandbox.
The Sandbox metaverse


The Sandbox is a thriving metaverse, with an ecosystem enriched by an impressive array of partners, tools, and contributors. This piece delves into the diverse elements of this vast digital cosmos. It highlights its structure and key participants, revealing their essential roles.

We discussed Tools, which provide the foundation for creativity and innovation within the ecosystem. The numerous Asset Marketplaces foster an accessible and fluid economy of digital assets. The focus on Featured Collections underscores the impact of celebrities and famous brands. This shows the widespread attraction of The Sandbox.

Furthermore, the Platforms and Tech Partners ensure the maintenance and optimization of The Sandbox’s infrastructure. Crypto Brands and Global Brands’ notable presence highlights the value of strategic metaverse partnerships. These alliances enhance reach and influence within this virtual realm. The innovative skill and creativity of Builder Studios are essential too. So, they craft the user experience through unique projects, bringing vibrancy to the metaverse.

Currently, The Sandbox is a vibrant, dynamic, and ever-evolving metaverse. It is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in creating interactive, engaging, and decentralized virtual experiences. Looking forward, continued growth and development hinge upon the contributions of its expansive network of partners, creators, and users. The Sandbox is not just a standalone digital universe but a collective creation shaped by the imagination and innovation of its community. As such, its potential future is as boundless and expansive as the creativity of its contributors.


The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven gaming platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

Key contributors in ecosystem include a diverse array of partners, such as global brands, crypto brands, tech partners, and builder studios. Additionally, individual creators and players play a vital role in the ecosystem.

The main tools used in The Sandbox are the @GameMakerEngine and @VoxEdit, which enable creators to craft, animate, and monetize their voxel creations.

Users can buy and sell NFTs on various asset marketplaces, such as @TheSandboxNFTs, @opensea, and @rarible, among others.

Global brands and crypto brands enhance The Sandbox’s visibility and attractiveness through partnerships, collaborations, and the creation of branded virtual experiences.

Builder Studios are responsible for creating the virtual environments and experiences within The Sandbox. They contribute to the design, development, and implementation of the virtual content that shapes The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox is continuously growing and evolving, driven by the contributions of its partners, creators, and users. Its future potential is expansive, as it continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the realm of the metaverse.


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Nik Asti

Nik is an accomplished analyst and writer at Metaverse Post, specializing in delivering cutting-edge insights into the fast-paced world of technology, with a particular emphasis on AI/ML, XR, VR, on-chain analytics, and blockchain development. His articles engage and inform a diverse audience, helping them stay ahead of the technological curve. Possessing a Master's degree in Economics and Management, Nik has a solid grasp of the nuances of the business world and its intersection with emergent technologies.

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