Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of and (CHZ)

Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of and (CHZ)

Alexander Dreyfus is an accomplished technologist and businessman who works in entertainment and e-sports.
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He serves as the platform’s CEO for, a blockchain-based platform for major sports fan engagement and revenue generation. In collaboration with professional sports clubs and athletes, enables fans to participate by using fan tokens like Chiliz (CHZ). In order to foster connections between the blockchain industries in Asia and Europe, Dreyfuss also established the Chiliz Blockchain Campus in Malta. Along with housing cryptocurrency exchanges and banks that handle cryptocurrencies in Europe, the campus also acts as a hub for collaboration between small and major blockchain businesses.

Dreyfus said at the beginning of the year that the Socios app would be released in the US by the second quarter. It is anticipated that his businesses, and Chiliz, would increase the number of multi-sport teams and professional athletes they work with.

Dreyfus will need to advocate for new regulations this year if he wants his businesses to get over the increasing regulatory obstacles that stand in the way of widespread adoption of fan tokens. Arsenal Football Club was previously forbidden by the UK Advertising Standards Authority from marketing supporter tokens to unsophisticated customers.

In 2022 and beyond, blockchain narratives will be more about “proof of utility” protocols and platforms. Hopefully, not just about the finance & payments narrative. There is SO much to be invented using this technology.


While keeping a presence in Europe and the United States, Dreyfus is likely to pursue collaborations with top sports clubs in South America and Asia. Furthermore, fan tokens are increasingly being viewed as a new source of revenue for all sports and e-sports events. is scheduled to announce strategic collaborations throughout the year in order to attract sports fans and enthusiasts, with a focus on attracting fan tokens. The platform will also continue to assist clubs in creating and listing new fan tokens for trading on cryptocurrency platforms. Dreyfus anticipates that and Chiliz will expand their global footprint by extending their headcount to 300 by the end of the year.

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