Mirror introduces Writing NFTs

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Mirror users can now turn their essays into written-word NFTs. 

Mirror is a blog platform for writers launched in 2020. It allows essayists and anyone willing to express their thought to publish their works on the Ethereum blockchain. Within two years of its existence, Mirror has built a space used by thousands of writers. Not just essayists, but protocol teams, engineers, investors, NFT projects, and DAO operators. 

Starting on May 26, Mirror users can create written-word NFTs. To mint one, they just need to connect to Mirror Dashboard with an existing Ethereum wallet. NFTs are completely free to create. The project is based on Ethereum Layer 2, which makes the transactions fast and inexpensive. 

The platform allows writers of any kind to edit their texts using tips on how to compose entries; crowdfund for future projects; launch limited digital collectibles with a fixed price; and split value among collaborators. 

Collectors will also benefit from the project. Anyone will have an opportunity to make part of history by purchasing important writings. The project features collector profile pages, which are curated lists of essays, and the global leaderboard. Users can vote for the best texts using Mirror’s governance token. 

For instance, the Mirror team turned the announcement blog post into an NFT, and its floor price is now 0.11 ETH (approximately $200). This sort of free and fast NFT conversion is definitely a compelling way to use blockchain tech in a real-world application.

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