International Airport in Bengaluru taps Polygon, Intel, and Amazon to launch the first-ever metaverse airport

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Polygon, Intel, Amazon Web Services, and Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru launch a virtual version of the airport’s Terminal 2

Companies and individuals can virtually visit the Terminal using VR headsets or desktop devices

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Polygon partners with Intel, Amazon Web Services, and Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru to launch the first-ever metaverse airport. The companies developed a virtual version of the airport’s newly launched Terminal 2 to offer its visitors unique immersive experiences. 

The “BLR Metaport” enables companies and individuals to virtually visit the Terminal by using wearable VR headsets or desktops. The experience is built on Amazon’s Cloud using Polygon’s blockchain technology that powers the trading of virtual assets. The metaverse version of the India-based airport allows travelers to virtually visit global brands’ shops, check in on a flight, learn new skills in the meeting room, and admire art in digital galleries. Notably, users can even purchase the artworks as commemorative NFTs. 

“Polygon is leading the blockchain innovation which will drive the digital economy that every individual can access worldwide. Metaport is one such example of how big enterprises can partner and innovate to bring blockchain solutions to the masses,” 

said  Arpit Sharma, Polygon APAC head.

In 2022, several leading airline companies stepped into the web3 space. In May this year, Emirates, the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, launched an NFT collection and started accepting Bitcoin as payment. The company also invested in the development of its metaverse.

Following, in June, Qatar Airways announced the development of NFTs to be traded in its metaverse, named “QVerse,” which was launched in April. 


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