Humans Can Destroy Themselves by Opening This AI Pandora’s Box

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The intellectual revolution marked by ChatGPT is a triad of synergistically sublime revolutions: technological, techno-humanitarian, and socio-political. To take a comprehensive look at what is happening, it is recommended to listen to three fresh points of view from intellectuals from the fields of philosophy, history, and innovation.

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This is not the mission of Homo Sapiens, but we can destroy ourselves as a species by opening this AI Pandora’s box.
The intellectual revolution marked by the triumph of ChatGPT is not just another technological revolution. This is a triad of synergistically sublime revolutions: technological, techno-humanitarian, and socio-political revolutions in one bottle.
Therefore, with all due respect to the distinguished gurus of AI research (both supporters and opponents of slowing down), their assessments of the prospects for the intellectual revolution and its impact on society are too narrowly specialized and therefore do not allow us to see a stereoscopic picture of what is happening.

In order to take a comprehensive look at what is happening, it is worth listening to what is being said about what is happening not only by experts in AI but also by intellectuals from the fields of philosophy, history, and innovation.

For example, here are three fresh points of view from such intellectuals that we would recommend listening to.

  • Nick Bostrom, a professor at the University of Oxford and director of the Future of Humanity Institute.
  • Neil Ferguson, a historian, writer, and journalist; a professor at Harvard; and a Senior Fellow at Oxford and Stanford Universities.
  • Steve Blank, a well-known American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and innovation specialist who is called the “Godfather of Silicon Valley.”

Nick Bostrom considers what is happening to be evidence of the imminent appearance on the planet of the first general intelligence that will be smarter than humans. He considers this the mission of mankind—the most important thing in its entire history. But the colossal significance of this mission is associated with enormous responsibility and existential risk for humanity.

Neil Ferguson writes that aliens have landed, and we created them ourselves. The most terrible consequences of this are not seen at all in the fact that the GPT-5 “decides” to wipe us off the face of the earth. Rather, the risk is that we will tear ourselves apart as a species by using large language models for ignoble and nefarious purposes. “We are already on our way to Raskolnikov’s nightmare at the end of “Crime and Punishment,” in which humanity collectively goes mad and slides into internecine slaughter.”

Steve Blank called ChatGPT Pandora’s box. He believes that people are playing with fire by learning ever more powerful language models. That we were very, very wrong in thinking that we were developing only new automation tools. We are now witnessing how the massive introduction of the GPT-4 and the awaited models “will have the same impact on society as the combined impact that the advent of explosives, mass communications, computers, genome editing, and nuclear weapons has had on humanity when taken together.

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