Horizen Labs Ventures and Red Beard Ventures Launch Denarii Labs Web3 Tokenomics Accelerator

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Denarii is a protocol-agnostic accelerator dedicated to championing and developing next era of viable Web3 ventures

This accelerator program will leverage the extensive Web3 advisory experience of HLV, which includes successfully leading numerous high profile token launches, such as Yuga Labs’ ApeCoin fungible token launch (market cap of $8b at the time of the launch)

Participating projects will receive initial funding of a $100,000 investment with an option for an additional $200,000.

The accelerator expects to select five initial Web3 startups for its inaugural cohort

The program will culminate with an invitation-only Demo Day where participating companies will present their projects to dozens of venture capital firms, other investors and potential partners

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Miami, FL (May 18, 2023)Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV), the leading Web3 advisory and solutions provider, and Red Beard Ventures (RBV), a prolific Web3 early-stage Venture Capital fund, today jointly announced the launch of Denarii Labs, a collaborative tokenomics accelerator aimed at empowering the next era of Web3 projects.

Denarii Labs has been established to foster Web3 entrepreneurs and their creative business ideas in order to enable the development and implementation of successful fungible token strategies and tokenomics models with the backing of top-tier advisors, strategic partners and investors. Denarii Labs and its transformative accelerator program will offer selected Web3 projects with:

  • Hands-on, personalized tokenomics advisory services and seasoned mentorship for launch strategies and support as well as unparalleled networking and funding opportunities.
  • Weekly education sessions and seminars dedicated to different aspects of tokenomics development, from token utility and economics modeling, token distribution and emission schedules, to advanced legal and security measures, and cutting-edge tech solutions.
  • Initial funding of a $100,000 investment from Denarii Labs with an option for an additional $200,000.

Denarii Labs expects to select five initial Web3 startups for its inaugural cohort and is also open to projects working on or considering a token launch that would benefit from world-class tokenomics design.

Companies participating in the Denarii Labs tokenomics accelerator program will benefit from the collective experiences of HLV and RBV. HLV is widely known for serving as the strategic, operational, technical and tokenomics minds behind the one of the most successful fungible token launches, ApeCoin, which reached an incredible $8 billion market capitalization and was listed to over 40 exchanges at its launch. HLV has also provided tokenomics advisory to additional high profile Web3 clients, including Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Yuga Labs, Jam City, Dust Labs and many others.

RBV also brings extensive investing experience in the Web3 space, including over $40 million in deals, including Dapper Labs, The Sandbox, ZED RUN, SuperRare, Ceramic Network and others. RBV also recently closed its $25.5m Fund I and has deployed capital into Zero.Tech, Limewire, Immersive, Coinmara and more.

“Our ultimate goal is to prepare each venture to be in the position to attract credible investors and strategic partners, and progress to the token launch development and implementation phase by the end of the program,”

Rohan Handa, Senior Vice President of Business Development at HLV.

The program is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2023 and last for a duration of three months. The program will culminate with an invitation-only Demo Day where dozens of venture capital firms, other investors and potential partners will review and potentially invest in the individual projects.

“Web3 tokens have already redefined the way we engage with digital assets and value, but launching a token is full of challenges,” stated Drew Austin, Founder and Managing Partner at RBV. “Based on our collective experience, we intend to empower our program participants to understand sustainable economic models and viable tokenomics strategies, while being prepared for cybersecurity risks of token launches.”

“Having a sound tokenomics model is the first step in the long-term sustainability and success of a token-based project,” explained Liat Aaronson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of HLV. “By creating thoughtful and viable tokenomics that align stakeholder incentives, we can promote genuine innovation and equitable distribution of ownership and value.”
Founders of projects with strong communities seeking sustainable tokenomics are invited to complete an application form and can visit www.denariilabs.xyz to learn more.

About Horizen Labs Ventures
Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV) is a leading advisory and solutions provider, supporting some of the most prominent brands, protocols and startups in Web3. HLV covers the full spectrum of Web3 needs, including strategic advisory, complex fungible token launches, NFT development, metaverse integration, DAO creation and implementation, exchange listing coordination and disciplined project management. HLV’s clients and partners include Yuga Labs, The Sandbox, Jam City, Dust Labs, Animoca Brands and many others. For more information, visit www.hlv.xyz.

About Red Beard Ventures
Red Beard Ventures (RBV) is a dedicated Web3 venture capital firm that invests in early stage companies building the future of a decentralized world. With over 15 years experience in the startup ecosystem, RBV uses its deep expertise and industry connections to build a diverse portfolio and suite of investment vehicles: a traditional managed fund and a syndicate. RBV invests in the sectors of blockchain, DeFi, Web3 gaming, AI, AR/VR and more. For additional information, visit www.redbeard.ventures.


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