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April 18, 2024

Alan Durán Lights Up Token2049 with RTF’s Vision for Decentralised Boxing Communities

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Alan Durán provides insights into how RTF utilises blockchain and Web3 technologies to revolutionise the boxing industry, facilitating connections between fighters, trainers, and fans while embracing decentralisation and accessibility.

In this exclusive interview with Alan Durán, CMO at Ready To Fight, conducted within the esteemed confines of Token2049, we explore the groundbreaking fusion of sports and blockchain technology. Alan Durán sheds light on how RTF uses blockchain and Web3 technologies to transform the boxing industry. 

RTF’s platform serves as a beacon for fighters seeking sparring partners, trainers, and fans, embodying the ethos of decentralisation and accessibility.

Could you elaborate on how the company uses blockchain and Web3 technologies to connect fighters with sparring partners and fans?

Our platform is built on the RTF blockchain, a Level 1 EVM-compatible blockchain, leveraging the benefits of blockchain and Web3 to create a secure, open network. We’ve created a SocialFi network and community enabling fighters to easily find sparring partners, coaches or trainers and pay cross-border crypto transactions for their services. 

We’ve also created the infrastructure for fighters to connect with fans, monetise their content, and produce their own NFTs and fan tokens to enhance engagement through smart contracts and tokenised rewards.

Do people need special equipment to use your platform’s services?

There’s no need for the equipment for some options. If you get to the app, there’s an option where you can become a content creator on our platform, and there you can upload your videos, your training, and your skills. With that, if someone is looking for a sparring partner, then with your videos and your profile, they can check if you fit the kind of profile that they are looking for.

We have many features on the product that gives access to everyone who’s looking for a trainer, an agent, or a nutritionist, everything that you need from the boxing space is literally in there. 

Are there any processes for selecting the trainers or nutritionists?

We have a team that is fully dedicated to the boxing part, which is debating who is qualified for certain or specific needs.

What led to the decision to make Ready to Fight a Web3-based platform?

The decision to adopt Web3 technology was driven by its potential to revolutionise the sports industry, offering unparalleled transparency, security, and a decentralised framework that aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of boxing, with tokenisation and NFTs in our roadmap. 

We’ve already seen huge growth in the intersection of blockchain and some other sports like Soccer, NBA, and F1, so why not boxing which is one of the biggest sports in the world?

Do you think privacy is something you can take from Web2 and use in Web3? 

Yes, privacy is very important to us, and we manage the confidentiality of all of our data, with protocols and security to manage and keep it the same. But in the end, we are making something that is fair for everyone. We are making proper protocols to make or guarantee that RTF is making connections that are fair for everyone, but keeping the privacy of a super important space.

Oleksandr Usyk, co-founder of RTF mentioned the importance of simplicity in finding sparring partners. How does Ready to Fight simplify this process compared to the traditional method?

Ready to Fight simplifies finding sparring partners by utilising a streamlined, user-friendly interface that connects fighters based on skill level, weight class, and location, eliminating the complexity and inefficiency of traditional methods. It is as easy as uploading videos of your boxing skills and then the other party finding criteria to see if there’s a fit or not. 

You’ve mentioned the challenge of onboarding new Web3 users. How does Ready to Fight plan to address this challenge and make the platform accessible to all users?

We know that not everyone finds blockchain easy to use and they may be sceptical to use it. To address the challenge Ready to Fight focuses on educational resources, user-friendly design, and community support to ensure our platform is accessible and welcoming for everyone, regardless of their prior experience with blockchain technology. With so many athletes and fans looking to use our platform, our platform will automatically bring new users into the Web3 space, giving them the opportunity to earn crypto rewards, which for many might be the first time.

What measures has Ready to Fight taken to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for boxers from diverse backgrounds and regions, particularly those who may not have had previous exposure to blockchain technology or digital platforms?

Inclusivity and accessibility are paramount at Ready to Fight. We’re committed to removing barriers for boxers worldwide, offering multilingual support and educational programs on blockchain, and ensuring our platform is intuitive and accessible to athletes from all backgrounds. 

We know, and we are aware of limitations, but that’s why we are here to break the status quo. Many of these athletes are underprivileged and may not have the resources to grow their brand and develop their careers – RTF gives these fighters the ability to gain exposure to fans and connect with a variety of affordable services to help them boost their careers.

The project involves the tokenisation of fighters. How does this process work?

With the growth of Web3, we’re seeing an increased demand for the creative economy and the tokenisation of real-world assets. In the case of RTF, we’re tokenising fighters including their boxing careers and the content they are creating for fans. Essentially, we’re creating digital tokens that represent a stake in a fighter’s career, earnings, or specific fights. 

What benefits does it offer to boxers and other stakeholders?

Benefits include financial support for boxers, a new way for fans to invest in their favourite athletes, and a direct connection between fighters and their supporters, enhancing engagement. Also enhancing networking within our app, everything you need you will find there, from sparring partners to coaches, gyms, promoters, agents, etc. 

Can you share your thoughts about the potential impact of the RTF token on the broader ecosystem, including its role in facilitating transactions, incentivising participation, and driving value for stakeholders?

The RTF token could significantly impact the ecosystem by streamlining transactions, incentivising community participation, and adding value for all stakeholders through a unified, secure platform. It is a utility token that powers transactions within the ecosystem and is launched to revolutionise engagement and multiple utilities. 

And do you plan to have any airdrops of your token?

Yeah, of course. We’re thinking about our community; the only way to really attract community, jumping from Web2 and Web3 and the other way around, is by doing these kinds of campaigns and promotions. So it’s not the main way to attract new users, but it’s part of the marketing actions that we are thinking of definitely pushing for.

Regarding world-class stars like Oleksandr Usyk and others involved. What impact do you anticipate Ready to Fight will have on the boxing industry and beyond?

Ready to Fight, with figures like Oleksandr Usyk onboard, Mike Tyson, Ebanie Bridges, and Savannah Marshall could elevate the boxing industry by introducing technological advancements, opening new revenue streams, and potentially influencing other sports to adopt similar innovations. We’ve already seen Usyk use the platform to find sparring partners for his upcoming fight against Fury which we’re certain will help him win! 

Ultimately, in a space like ours, trust is key, so having notable figures like Usyk and Tyson supporting this helps to prove that we’re a reputable and trusted player in the space and encourage others to get involved in the platform.

What benefits do such innovations like Web3 and blockchain offer to the engagement of both fans and athletes?

These technologies promise to deepen fan engagement through direct interactions and investments in athletes’ careers, while also providing athletes with new avenues for sponsorship and financial security. An example is SubRing, a feature that we’re planning to launch later in the year where users can purchase digital ratings, known as Rates, for their favourite boxers. Each purchase increases the value of the next Rate for that boxer, enhancing speculation whilst reflecting the popularity and success of individual athletes.

What do you bring to the TOKEN2049, and what are your expectations for this event?

Token2049 is one of the biggest blockchain events in the space, bringing together some of the biggest players leading innovation. It’s always a great place to meet potential partners and learn what others are doing with the technology, it’s a big moment for the crypto space.

We’ve got some big updates on the horizon that we’ll be formally announcing at our keynote speech on Day 2, titled ‘Evolution in the Ring: The Knockout Impact of Web3 on Boxing’s Future’. We aim to share insights into how blockchain can transform sports, learn from industry leaders, and explore potential partnerships. It is our official kickoff into Web3 prior to the launch of our token and the listing of our company with big names in the space.

Do you think such events cover the symbiosis of sports and technology in an appropriate way, or is there still a lot of work to be done?

They are crucial in bridging sports and technology. There’s a continuous need for dialogue and development to realise this symbiosis fully, but I truly believe it is a good starting point. The more projects like ours that start like a Web2 idea and are bridging now more into Web3 will have an avalanche effect over the rest.


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Viktoriia is a writer on a variety of technology topics including Web3.0, AI and cryptocurrencies. Her extensive experience allows her to write insightful articles for the wider audience.

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Viktoriia Palchik
Viktoriia Palchik

Viktoriia is a writer on a variety of technology topics including Web3.0, AI and cryptocurrencies. Her extensive experience allows her to write insightful articles for the wider audience.

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