MPost is delighted to warmly invite the vibrant and diverse community members dedicated to Wormhole Community & Innovators to the coming airdrop! Whether you’ve demonstrated your expertise in tournaments, excelled in developer stress tests, conquered Innovator quests, or emerged triumphant in Wormhole’s social quests and portal, your moment has arrived to shine and claim your well-deserved airdrop for the crypto community!

What’s Wormhole?

Wormhole has emerged as a premier platform for interoperability, enabling the vast integration of multichain applications and bridges on a significant scale, marking the advent of the Web3 network’s expansive connectivity. This collection of open-source protocols is widely adopted by developers from more than 200 applications and over a million distinct wallets. It supports the fluid transfer of diverse data types across an extensive network of over 30 blockchains. With a significant track record of managing upwards of 1 billion cross-chain communications for prominent projects and teams, including Uniswap, Circle, Lido, Synthetix, Pyth, and numerous others, Wormhole stands as a foundational element for a decentralized, interconnected future.

Special Instructions:

  • NFT Holders. Initiate with Step 1, add your wallet address to the appropriate field, and proceed with the claim process!
  • Active Participants. Simply follow Step 1 and proceed with the claim process.
  • Delegate Wallet Access. For the snapshot involving ~650 delegate wallets, please take note of the adjusted token allocations due to duplicate entries. Adjustments will be made accordingly post-deduping at the conclusion of the airdrop.


Reward Pool
678,823,000 W

Guide to receive this airdrop

  1. Connect Your Destination Wallet

    Ensure your preferred wallet is primed to receive the airdrop. If you’re new, initiate the setup of a compatible one beforehand.
    Proceed to the Wormhole airdrop claims page and click the “CONNECT WALLET” button to receive your crypto.
    Follow the prompts to sign in to the crypto airdrop checker and connect your assets securely.

  2. Connect Your Source Wallet Addresses

    Link additional wallets from various networks that might be eligible for the airdrop.
    Ethereum Addresses: Select “ADD ETH ADDRESS” for Ethereum and compatible networks. Follow the prompts for connection and confirmation.
    Solana Addresses: Use “ADD SOL ADDRESS” to connect, sign a message and input your Solana address.
    Other Compatible Addresses: For networks such as Polygon, Avalanche, etc., follow the provided instructions to add your wallet.

  3. Claim Your Airdrop

    With wallets duly connected, navigate to the relevant campaign on the Wormhole website and click “CLAIM” adjacent to your eligible airdrop.

  4. Confirm Your Claim

    Post-claim, the button will transition to green, and your total tokens summary will reflect your successful claim

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