World of Women enables holders to transform Capacitors into virtual homes

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Female-themed NFT project World of Women has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated WoWVerse.


Starting from July, the project’s creators have been teasing the community with mysterious “encrypted” games. They hid various clues across IRL locations like the Time Square billboard in New York City as well as the social media of the project. 

On July 6, World of Women holders were airdropped 10,000 Blue Capacitors. Following, World of Women Galaxy owners received 21,738 Green Capacitors.

As the games went on, community members kept wondering what the airdropped Capacitors meant. Finally, the project’s CEO Yam Karkai made an announcement on her Twitter page, explaining that users will have the option to transform their Capacitors into something else each season of WoW. “Capacitors will become a deflationary supply as they are burned and transformed for different activations,” explains the website of the project.

Starting today, WoW owners will have the option to hold the Capacitors or transform them into digitalized houses developed by OnCyber and designed by Yam Karkai. As a result, users will be able to explore a new Metaverse by World of Women and create their personalized houses in virtual reality. 

“WoW has built a brand that allows people to represent themselves digitally, through PFPs. As the first female-centric NFT brand to breakthrough to the mainstream, we couldn’t be more excited for the next iteration and expansion of the WoWverse, which begins the enablement of building and empowering your digital identity in new, innovative ways.”

said Shannon Snow, WoW COO.

The decision is not going to be an easy one. World of Women is teasing the community with the upcoming season and new releases that will unlock new elements to customize, develop, and establish the digital identity. 

World of Women is a genesis collection of 10,000 NFTs designed by Yam Karkai. The female-oriented project was first released in July 2021. The current floor price of the collection is 2.8 ETH (approximately $4,466 at the time of writing). 72.1K ETH of volume was traded. 

The company has been hard at work as the launch of the World of Women metaverse was just one of its ongoing projects. Earlier this year, WoW partnered with The Fabricant to develop a digital fashion collection

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