The Crypto Dog, Trader, market analyst and Twitter personality

The Crypto Dog, Trader, market analyst and Twitter personality

An established Crypto The embracing of online anonymity by Twitter and The Crypto Dog is deliberate and even ideological: A government-issued identification is not required, in the opinion of the well-known Bitcoin market analyst and proponent of digital assets, to create a meaningful community presence in the Web3 era.
Metaverse Post ยป The Crypto Dog, Trader, market analyst and Twitter personality

Personal Brand Presence4 / 10
Authoritativeness5 / 10
Expertise6 / 10
Influence3 / 10
Overall Rating5 / 10

The Crypto Dog invested in and mined the first Bitcoin in 2011, making them early adopters. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that he learned about other digital assets and the thriving online community known as Crypto Twitter. He launched his “TheCryptoDog” Twitter account the same year, which would later grow to be a popular resource for many traders. The Crypto Dog abandoned a STEM doctoral program he was enrolled in a year later to fully commit to starting his own business.

The Twitter influencer is well-known for his insightful analysis of the Bitcoin market and his long-term bullishness on cryptocurrencies, regardless of the challenging period the markets are going through. His belief that 90% of his followers “shouldn’t be trading, learning how to short, and stressing over technical analysis and orderflow and all of that nonsense” has also been openly expressed.

CPI coming up in a few hours. Might get turbulent. Time to size up the leverage dramatically and open positions now ahead of time.


The dog wearing sunglasses is likely to have a larger following than 1 million at some point this year if the audience growth trend continues. The Crypto Dog’s market knowledge and astute insights will be more in demand than ever in 2022 with Bitcoin preparing for yet another phase of a bull run and more digital asset traders pouring into Crypto Twitter every day.

The Crypto Dog predicted the impending reversal of the downward trend at the height of the bear market in early 2022, stating that there is no reason for Bitcoin to stop before reaching a new all-time high. The majority of the supply, after all, “hodled from 30K to 69K back to 35K.” We won’t sell for $50,000.

On a more personal note, the Dog stated at the beginning of the year that he was happy with the course that his life, profession, and Bitcoin were all heading. He also pledged to pay greater attention to his health, advice he is urging everyone to take.

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