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August 29, 2022

Interview with George Rakhaev, Product Manager at Match Systems

Welcome to our exclusive interview with George Rakhaev, a seasoned Product Manager at Match Systems. In this insightful conversation, we delve into the world of blockchain, product management and gain valuable insights from George’s vast experience in the field. Join us as we explore the strategies, challenges, and innovations that have shaped George’s career and contributed to the success of Match Systems. Whether you’re an aspiring product manager or simply curious about the inner workings of this dynamic role, this interview promises to offer valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Get ready to dive into the mind of a talented Product Manager and uncover the secrets to building exceptional products.

Gregory Pudovsky: Welcome, George. Let’s start from the beginning. Tell us about Match Systems and your role in the company.

George Rakhaev: Thank you for the warm welcome. Match Systems is a Singapore-based technology company that specializes in creating advanced software solutions to combat illicit activities in the cryptocurrency sphere. The primary objective of our company is to ensure safety and transparency in the world of cryptocurrencies, which is becoming increasingly important as the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow worldwide.

Interview with George Rakhaev, Product Manager at Match Systems
George Rakhaev

Our products are designed to help cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, and other stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem to manage their risks, comply with regulations, and provide a safe and secure environment for their users.

In the company, my role is quite multifaceted. It revolves around understanding market demands, finding optimal ways of implementing them, and overseeing the entire product creation process. This involves conducting market research, engaging with our clients and partners, defining product requirements, coordinating with the development team, and ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Essentially, I act as a bridge between the market, our clients, and our development team, ensuring that we create products that genuinely address the challenges faced by the crypto community.

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Gregory Pudovsky: Interesting. How do you identify market needs and turn them into specific products?

George Rakhaev: The process of identifying market needs and turning them into specific products is a multi-step one and involves various stakeholders and departments within our organization.

  1. Identifying Needs: It all starts with an idea or a need. This could be something that we have identified internally, based on our own experiences and expertise, or it could be a need that has been expressed to us by our clients or partners. We also stay updated on the latest trends, regulations, and challenges in the crypto and AML space by actively participating in industry events, forums, and discussions.
  2. Brainstorming: Once we have identified a potential need or opportunity, we conduct brainstorming sessions involving all key specialists from different departments, including product development, engineering, marketing, and legal. This allows us to look at the problem from multiple angles, generate a wide range of ideas, and form hypotheses about potential solutions.
  3. Research and Development: The hypotheses formed during the brainstorming sessions are then tested by our Research and Development (R&D) department. This involves conducting thorough research on the problem, developing prototypes or minimum viable products (MVPs), and testing them in controlled environments.
  4. Client Testing: After creating an MVP of the product, we test it among a selected group of our clients. This allows us to gather real-world feedback, identify any issues or limitations, and refine the product accordingly. This step is crucial as it ensures that the product genuinely addresses the challenges faced by our clients and is user-friendly and effective.
  5. Product Refinement: Based on the feedback received during the client testing phase, we refine the product, making any necessary adjustments or improvements. This may involve tweaking the user interface, optimizing the algorithms, or adding new features.
  6. Product Launch: Once the product has been refined and thoroughly tested, it is officially launched in the market. We then closely monitor its performance, gather feedback from the users, and make any further refinements if necessary.

This cycle of identifying needs, brainstorming, developing, testing, and refining enables us to create products that genuinely address market challenges and provide valuable solutions to our clients. It is a dynamic and iterative process that ensures that our products are always evolving and improving to meet the ever-changing needs of the crypto and AML market.

Gregory Pudovsky: Is the company self-sustaining now, a year after its launch?

George Rakhaev: Absolutely, the company is indeed self-sustaining a year after its launch. We started with angel investments of several hundred thousand dollars, which in the grand scheme of things, can be considered quite modest given the capital-intensive nature of the tech industry. However, thanks to an excellent and dedicated team, we were able to quickly create innovative and high-demand products that generated revenue and made the company self-sustaining.

Our team worked tirelessly to understand the needs of the market, develop solutions that address those needs, and deliver them in a timely and efficient manner. We also focused on building strong relationships with our customers and partners, which helped us to establish a solid customer base and generate recurring revenue.

Moreover, we have been careful with our spending and have managed our resources wisely. We focused on the most critical areas of development and marketing and avoided unnecessary expenses. This disciplined approach to financial management helped us to maximize the value of our initial investment and to reach a point of self-sustainability.

In summary, while it has been a challenging journey, we are proud to say that the company is now self-sustaining. This is a significant milestone for us, and it provides a solid foundation for our future growth and success.

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Gregory Pudovsky: What are the key challenges you face?

George Rakhaev: Certainly, one of the key challenges we face is the incompleteness of databases markup. The crypto space is vast and ever-evolving, with new transactions, addresses, and entities being created every moment. This makes it incredibly challenging to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date database. New algorithms for its collection, analysis, and application are essential and significantly help us reduce costs associated with updating our database. However, developing these algorithms is a complex task that requires a deep understanding of both the crypto space and advanced data analysis techniques.

Another challenge is the decentralized and pseudonymous nature of cryptocurrencies. This makes it difficult to accurately identify the parties involved in a transaction and to determine the source and destination of funds. While this is a feature that attracts many users to cryptocurrencies, it also makes it a prime target for illicit activities.

Additionally, the rapid development of new technologies and platforms in the crypto space poses a constant challenge. For example, the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has created new opportunities for illicit activities and has necessitated the development of new tools and approaches to monitor and analyze these platforms.

Finally, the regulatory environment is another significant challenge. Regulations vary widely from country to country, and in many cases, they are still evolving. This creates a complex landscape that requires a nuanced and flexible approach to ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Overall, these challenges require us to be constantly innovating, adapting, and improving our tools and approaches. It is a demanding task, but it is essential to ensure that we can effectively combat money laundering and other illicit activities in the crypto space.

Gregory Pudovsky: How do you see the current state of the AML market for cryptocurrencies and your place in it?

George Rakhaev: The current state of the AML market for cryptocurrencies is quite dynamic and evolving rapidly. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so does the need for effective AML solutions. Regulators around the world are increasingly focusing on this area, and new regulations and guidelines are being developed to combat money laundering in the crypto space. This is creating a significant demand for advanced, efficient, and reliable AML tools and services.

Our approach to this market is holistic and global. We aim to create products for the global market, not limiting ourselves to specific jurisdictions. Our strengths lie in our advanced data collection algorithms and our collaboration with key experts in the field. We have developed sophisticated tools that allow us to collect and analyze data from multiple sources to identify suspicious activities and transactions. Moreover, our close collaboration with key experts, both within our company and in the broader crypto community, ensures that we stay at the forefront of the latest developments and trends in the AML space.

Another unique aspect of our approach is our ability to respond quickly to market challenges. For example, our work in investigating major hacks and frauds in the crypto space allows us to promptly update our database and improve our algorithms to better detect similar activities in the future. This proactive approach positions us as one of the leaders in this field and ensures that our clients can rely on our tools to effectively manage their AML risks.

Overall, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of this market and to contributing to the ongoing efforts to make the crypto space safer and more secure for everyone.

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Gregory Pudovsky: What trends and challenges do you anticipate in the near future?

George Rakhaev: The trends and challenges in the near future are multifaceted. An increased use of DeFi for laundering criminal proceeds is indeed a significant concern. As a result, there is a growing need for creating robust and efficient solutions for the DeFi sector, and particularly for analyzing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains. As DeFi platforms operate on a decentralized model, it presents a unique set of challenges for regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures.

Another notable trend is the creation of “digital avatars” using Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technologies. NFTs are revolutionizing the way we think about ownership and identity in the digital realm. This technology is not only impacting the art and collectibles market, but it is also opening up new possibilities for identity verification, digital rights management, and personalized digital experiences. However, this also brings challenges related to copyright infringement, digital identity theft, and the valuation of digital assets.

Our company is actively working on developing solutions that will address these challenges. We are investing in research and development, partnering with other innovators in the crypto space, and continuously iterating on our products to ensure they meet the evolving needs of the market. Ultimately, our goal is to create solutions that not only address the current challenges but also anticipate and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Gregory Pudovsky: In conclusion, tell us about your journey into product management and your work philosophy.

George Rakhaev: I started my career in crypto in 2017 as a regulatory lawyer and AML specialist. My passion for improving products led me to the role of a product manager. For me, the key qualities of a successful product manager are self-discipline, understanding the market, and the ability to effectively use limited resources. My philosophy revolves around keeping an open mind, learning from practice, and constantly recalibrating my worldview. In 2022, I began to actively engage in the development of products for cryptocurrencies and was able to apply my knowledge to the fullest extent, including in the area of machine learning and its practical application. This involved not only understanding the intricacies of the crypto market but also leveraging machine learning algorithms to optimize product features, predict market trends, and improve user experiences. The convergence of these skills helped me contribute significantly to the products I was working on, ultimately leading to better and more innovative solutions in the crypto space.

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Gregory, a digital nomad hailing from Poland, is not only a financial analyst but also a valuable contributor to various online magazines. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, his insights and expertise have earned him recognition in numerous publications. Utilising his spare time effectively, Gregory is currently dedicated to writing a book about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Gregory Pudovsky
Gregory Pudovsky

Gregory, a digital nomad hailing from Poland, is not only a financial analyst but also a valuable contributor to various online magazines. With a wealth of experience in the financial industry, his insights and expertise have earned him recognition in numerous publications. Utilising his spare time effectively, Gregory is currently dedicated to writing a book about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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